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Grinding your teeth at night is not uncommon, but when it becomes frequent or severe is can cause painful tension and a gradual wearing away of tooth enamel. This is called Bruxism and is generally not a concern until it begins to happen frequently and damage your teeth.

This teeth grinding happens at times of high stress or anxiety, but can also be due to a misaligned jaw, crooked teeth, or sleep disorders. It can also be difficult to determine if one is grinding their teeth in their sleep, and it may be happening without you ever realizing it. Waking up with a sore or clenched jaw, a dull headache or sensitive teeth can all be signs that you spent time grinding your teeth in your sleep.

looking for an Endodontics in east Los Angeles? A root canal is the standard treatment when the pulp chamber of a tooth becomes infected. The procedure can eliminate the infection entirely and prevent future problems or further spreading of harmful bacteria. The pulp chamber is the inner hollow cavity where the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are. A root canal often removes these structures, reducing pain and inflammation due to the infection.

Treatment of an infected tooth pulp chamber is important because any infection in the body has the potential to continue spreading and cause harm to the body. The body may struggle from absorbing the toxic wastes from the bacteria. Over time this can pollute the bloodstream and negatively affect overall health and well-being.

Looking for a pediatric dentist near by? From the time your children have their first set of teeth, it is important to think about their long-term dental hygiene. Although their baby teeth will eventually be replaced, it is still vitally important to begin dental hygiene care. Not only does this begin to set-up the habit for dental care and demonstrate the importance that they maintain this habit for the rest of their lives, but it is also vital in starting them off with good dental hygiene.

Neglecting a child's early dental health can set them up for developing issues that show up later in life, such as tooth decay and gum disease. This is particularly important as children tend to gravitate towards eating sweets, which speeds the growth of bacteria and can create unhealthy cultivation of disease-causing bacteria that can later result in gingivitis.

You look around the room and you see sharp, pointed metal instruments. You can hear the sounds of drilling nearby as another patient is being treated. You think, "Ouch!" "That has to be painful." Your dentist asks you to sit in the dental chair. You, just want to get out of there! This classic scene plays in your head every time you need to go for your dental checkups. It creates fear or anxiety and perhaps prevents you from getting professional dental care your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash cannot provide. 

Tooth replacement with dental implants is a cutting-edge technology that offers individuals with damaged or missing teeth a chance to smile again. The process begins with the initial consultation and ends with the placement of the dental crown. 

The general timeframe for dental implant treatment is 6-12 months and depends on factors such as the presence of gum disease or the need for bone grafting. Resident periodontist and implantologist, Dr. Delaram Hanookai of Gage Dental Care, will consider these factors during evaluation and treatment planning before giving you an approximate timeframe.