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Dr. Michael Abaian

Dr AbaianDr. Michael Abaian’s passion for art and things of beauty serve him well in his cosmetic dentistry career. He uses this enthusiasm to create perfect smiles for those who seek his expertise. Before becoming a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Abaian earned a degree in engineering from Cal State in Los Angeles.

Once he became an engineer, Dr. Abaian discovered that he loved structure and precision. He also knew that helping people was his life’s calling. He wanted to be more hands-on in the area of helping others than he could be as an engineer. This inspired the future dentist to return to Cal State to earn a second degree in biology. To learn the skills that he would need to be a top dentist, Dr. Abaian attended the University of Southern California’s prestigious dental school. While there, he focused his education on cosmetic dentistry.

In establishing his dental practice, Dr. Abaian decided that he would combine his love of precision and structure with the art of dentistry. Along with mastering the latest dental techniques, Dr. Abaian uses the highest quality equipment available in his practice. He has brought in tools like a CT scan to obtain a complete 360-degree view of a patient’s mouth. This piece of equipment allows him to see every nook and cranny while subjecting the patient to less radiation than traditional X-rays emit. Dr. Abaian has taken these extra steps with one goal in mind, which is to create the best possible smile for every patient.

Dr. Abaian’s engineering background brings a higher level of perfection to cosmetic dentistry. In both fields, balance is important. When it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing smile, balance is the key. If you’re seeking the perfect smile from a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Abaian’s techniques are designed to provide just that.

Dr. Delaram Hanookai

Delaram HanookaiDr. Delaram Hanookai specializes in restoring the smiles of those who suffer from major dental issues. She is an award-winning periodontist and expertly trained implantologist. Dr. Hanookai set up her lavish and well-appointed practice in Los Angeles for patient accessibility.

Dr. Hanookai attended the University of Southern California, or USC, to earn her DDS degree and to become a certified periodontist. She also gained a Master’s Degree of Science in Craniofacial Biology as well as degrees in advanced periodontal and dental implants. Dr. Hanookai’s extensive educational background shows her commitment to improving people’s lives.

Because she wanted to master the art and challenge of placing implants, Dr. Hanookai attended and graduated from the Misch Implant Institute. The school is one of the most advanced dental implantology training centers in the world. At Misch, Dr. Hanookai studied the kind of surgical techniques that allow her to rehabilitate cases that are especially challenging due to the partial or entire loss of a person’s permanent teeth.

When Dr. Hanookai graduated, she was asked to fellow at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists or ICOI. This is one of the most revered dental associations in the world. Dr. Hanookai’s impressive credentials qualified her to become an instructor. She accepted the offer and took a position as a Clinical Instructor of Periodontics at USC. She provided instruction for 10 years.

Dr. Hanookai has more than 18 years of experience in bone grafting, tooth replacement and gum tissue treatment. Because of the training and skill she’s gained over the years, Dr. Hanookai has helped patients who were rejected as implant surgery candidates by other dentists. Dr. Hanookai’s implants have a 98 percent success rate. She helps those who are too uncomfortable with the look of their teeth to smile ultimately do so with pleasure and confidence.