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A Gage Dental Care general dentist is a professional dentist licensed and able to care for patients as a primary care dental provider. This means that you visit your general dentist for all of your dental health needs. The dentist will diagnose any oral health problems you have and treat those problems or refer you to a specialist as needed. You can rely on your general dentist to take care of your overall oral health needs and even emergencies that may happen while you are a patient.

Why use a general dentist?

Visiting a general dentist at Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA makes your routine dental care easier and more convenient. You are able to establish an ongoing relationship with that dentist and their staff, who will help you protect your oral health and gain the treatment you need to ensure your most vibrant smile.

You will visit your general dentist for diagnosis, treatment and management of your ongoing oral health needs. This dentist can perform procedures like root canals, tooth extraction and fillings. They can also improve your smile using crowns, veneers, dentures, partials and Invisalign clear braces.

Because you will routinely see the same dental professionals in your general dentist’s office, you can develop a very good relationship with the staff who will understand your unique needs for treatment, insurance and financing. You will be more comfortable asking important questions, too.

Why Gage Dental Care as Your General Dentist

Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai of Gage Dental Care in Bell CA are highly skilled and compassionate dentists with a professional, caring and helpful staff ready to serve your general dentistry needs. They look forward to providing quality dental care for you to meet all of your ongoing oral health requirements. When you see a Gage Dental Care dentist, you can be confident that your smile is in good hands, as well as in knowing that you will be kept aware, educated and consulted in your dental treatment planning.

At Gage Dental Care you are seeing one of the most trusted dentists in Bell, CA. Regardless of what type of treatment you need for your teeth, the caring professionals of Gage Dental Care will work with you to help you gain and maintain your most vibrant, healthy smile.

Come In to Gage Dental Care for Family Dentist Visit

Finding a general dentist can be intimidating. Whether you are new to the community or are just changing from one dentist to another, it can be daunting to find a dentist through trial-and-error.

Everyone at Gage Dental Care wants you to feel welcome and appreciated as a patient. Every time you call or visit you will be treated with the utmost of professionalism. Your care will be provided through utilization of cutting-edge technologies and procedures by dentists and oral hygienists who have the experience and skill you seek.

At Gage Dental Care, friendly, engaging office staff are also ready to help you find the right method of payment for your general dentist visits. When you call for your first appointment with Gage Dental Care, you can find out if your insurance is accepted and what options are available for financing of your dental treatment. Credit cards, cash, specialized dental financing programs and your insurance are all accepted.