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At Gage Dental Care, we have the training and tools to provide dental care for children from birth through adulthood. For children, we provide preventative care like regular checkups and fluoride treatments. We also fill cavities and watch for orthodontia needs.

Caring for Baby Teeth

Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai believe in preventative care for baby teeth because their presence ensures that children learn good chewing habits. These teeth also help them speak properly. Baby teeth prepare a space in your child’s mouth for the arrival of his or her permanent teeth.

Observing Growth

One of the most important jobs of a pediatric dentist is to track the growth and development of a child’s teeth. With observation, dentists can anticipate dental issues and intervene before the problem becomes painful or permanent. When dentists see young patients regularly, they can work toward correcting teeth alignment problems earlier in the child’s life. This may preserve your child’s self-esteem. It could also inspire a better overall self-image.


As a pediatric dental provider, we believe that children should start taking care of their teeth as soon as possible. To encourage this, we will teach them the best oral care techniques using models, kid-friendly vocabulary and computer aids. We will educate them about the importance of keeping their teeth healthy and strong. We will also demonstrate the best methods for brushing and flossing. At Gage Dental Care, we will advise you about ways to prevent oral diseases and avoid dental trauma. We will also recommend techniques for establishing a regular oral hygiene routine at home. During your child's dental appointment, we will promote the benefits of a healthy diet. With good eating habits and a consistent oral healthcare routine, you and your family will reduce the chances of developing tooth decay.

Preventative Care

Pediatric preventative dental care includes performing regular checkups as well as dental cleanings. We will take X-rays of your child’s teeth to look for cavities or other dental issues. When it comes to preventative care for children, pediatric dentists apply dental sealants along with topical fluoride treatments. These substances protect young teeth and prevent decay from forming. If your child sucks his or her thumb, we will offer tips for discouraging this behavior.


Early interventions may be required in situations involving an oral trauma, a bad bite or teeth grinding. For these issues, treatments include performing reconstructive surgery, positioning a space maintainer or prescribing a nighttime mouth guard.

Pediatric Dental Care You Can Trust

At Gage Dental Care in California, our dentists are patient, and they will treat your child’s teeth with gentle hands. With regular dental visits, you can protect the oral health of your child. Call us to schedule an appointment today.