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Cosmetic crowns are a popular treatment for damaged or broken teeth. The dental appliance covers a damaged tooth to give your mouth a uniform appearance. Cosmetic crowns improve the look of a damaged tooth. They can also replace one that is missing. In some cases, cosmetic crowns even restore your smile.

What is a Cosmetic Crown?

A crown is a synthetic tooth that is made from materials like ceramic, porcelain and even gold. At Gage Dental Care, we offer porcelain crowns because they are durable. They also blend in with your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are thicker than cosmetic coverings like veneers, so depending on the severity of a tooth’s damage, a crown may be required. Your dentist will position and secure a crown in your mouth in a way that is similar to veneers. This includes using a light-sensitive resin to adhere the dental unit over a damaged tooth. The curing light causes the resin to harden.

Benefits of Cosmetic Crowns

Cosmetic crowns provide added protection for a tooth that needs a large filling. The dental appliance can also repair a broken or damaged tooth following an injury or an accident. It can even fix teeth that are worn down due to grinding. A cosmetic crown will strengthen a tooth that required root canal surgery, and the dental appliance prevents a weakened tooth from developing additional decay.

Crowns are long lasting. In fact, most last for 15 years or longer. In many cases, a crown will look better than the tooth it is replacing. Dr. Abaian may recommend a cosmetic crown to repair a tooth that is too damaged to accept direct composite bonding.

Cosmetic crowns are stain resistant, and they are durable. In fact, your dentist is likely to advise you to continue to enjoy the foods and drinks that you did before you needed this type of dental work. After a crown is placed, it won’t move around in your mouth like other dental devices. Because crowns are stable, they won’t irritate your gums nor will they affect the way that you talk. The dental piece feels and acts like a natural tooth.

Maintaining Your Dental Health

When it comes to cosmetic crowns, the dental appliance provides advantages that range from improving the appearance of your overall smile to ensuring that your teeth are functioning properly. At Gage Dental Care in the greater Los Angeles area, we’ll make sure that your dental work is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.