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If you’ve recently learned that you have periodontal disease, then take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one. Many people in the United States have some form of the ailment. Gum diseases range from simple inflammation to major issues that cause serious damage to the bone and soft tissue that provide support to the teeth. If the condition becomes critical, then you may lose teeth.

What is the Cause?

The human mouth is teeming with bacteria. These microbes combined with mucus and other elements come together to form a tacky, colorless plaque on your teeth. By flossing and brushing your teeth regularly, you can eliminate the substance. When you fail to remove plaque, it hardens and turns into tartar. Even if you notice that you have tartar, you won’t be able to remove it with a toothbrush. Only dental professionals can do so with specially designed tools. This is why it’s important to visit your dentist twice a year.

When plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, it causes gingivitis to develop. Gingivitis is the swelling of your gums. Untreated gingivitis advances into periodontitis. If your gums stay in a swollen state, they’ll start to pull away from your teeth. This causes gaps to form. When you have spaces around your teeth, they gather food debris, which results in infections. If an infection escalates, then you could start losing teeth.

Are you at Risk of Developing a Gum Disease?

While anyone can develop a gum disease, several risk factors make it more likely. If you smoke, then you will probably experience some form of gum disease eventually. In addition, smoking can decrease the chances of a successful gum disease treatment.

When girls and women experience hormonal changes, this often increases gum sensitivity, which makes gingivitis more likely to form. People who have certain medical conditions are also at an elevated risk of developing a periodontal disease. This include those who have diabetes, cancer or AIDS.

If you’re taking medication, particular ones decrease the amount of saliva in your mouth. People with dry mouths are more likely to suffer from gum problems.

Seeking Treatment for Periodontal Disease

At Gage Dental Care in the 90201 zip code, our highly trained periodontist performs periodontal microtherapy. The procedure targets harmful bacteria that causes gum disease. It also eliminates infections. Our periodontal microtherapy treatment is comfortable and noninvasive. The recovery time is also minimal. If you suspect that you’ve developed a periodontal disease, give us a call right away.

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