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To replace missing teeth and help rebuild your own perfect smile, your dentists of Gage Dental Care in Bell CA may install dentures. Whether your overall tooth loss is due to gum disease, injury or decay, having dentures provides many benefits. You will be able to eat more easily, speak more clearly and look younger, healthier and more vibrant, even after losing all of your teeth.

How Dentures May Be Right for You

There are several types of dentures available to patients today. Together with your dentist, you will be able to make the right choice to fit your oral health and esthetic needs.

Types of dentures include:

  • Conventional dentures: Fully removable sets of dentures that can be made and fitted after your teeth are removed and gums have healed, these are the types of "false teeth" most familiar to patients.
  • Immediate dentures: When your teeth must be removed, you can be fitted for immediate dentures that can be worn from the very first day after tooth removal. These dentures are fairly simple for your dentist to fit under the right circumstances. Your jaw and mouth will be measured for installation and your dentures can be realigned if needed after your jaw has returned to normal following teeth removal.
  • Overdenture: This type of denture fits over existing teeth, when all teeth do not have to be removed. Your existing teeth provide support for the dentures or implanted teeth can help stabilize them in the same way.

It is important to brush your gums, roof of your mouth and tongue before wearing your dentures to keep your tissues healthy. When wearing full sets of dentures, you still must take care of them as you would your own natural teeth. You will brush them each day, removing food particles and plaque that can cause oral health problems and bad breath. You will not sleep in your dentures, instead taking them out at the end of the day and reinserting them in the morning after your brushing routine. This daily care will help keep your new teeth from becoming stained, just as it does for natural tooth surfaces.

Your daily dentures and oral health care will include:

  • Rinsing your dentures before you brush them with a soft bristle toothbrush, to remove food and surface debris
  • Brushing the teeth with a non-abrasive cleanser
  • Thoroughly brushing your mouth, cheeks, gums and tongue to remove plaque, prevent oral irritation and bad breath
  • Soaking your dentures when they are not being worn
  • Properly using adhesives when these are needed

Even though your teeth will be artificial when you have dentures, you will still need to visit the dentist regularly. Your dental visits with Gage Dental Care in Bell CA will ensure your mouth remains healthy and your dentures continue to fit comfortably and properly.

Why Gage Dental Care for Your Dentures

When you need dentures, you need good dental care before your new teeth are fitted, as well as throughout the lifetime of those dentures. Your oral health is just as important after teeth have been lost, as in other times of life. Your dentists and hygienists of Gage Dental Care in Bell CA will work to help you understand your options for dentures and how these appliances can be the right solution to your needs.

In the earliest months of wearing your new dentures, you may feel a bit awkward. There may be some fit issues as your cheek muscles, tongue and other areas of your mouth become accustomed to keeping the teeth in place. You can experience some minor irritation and soreness, so it is very helpful to have a professional team of dentists who understand your patient history and treatment goals.

You may also experience excess saliva in your mouth in the beginning of your denture wear. This will improve over time and soon your mouth will feel much more like it used to, when you had natural teeth. You will continue to need to visit with your Gage Dental Care dentist for checkups and adjustments. You will certainly appreciate having one of the most trusted dentists in Bell CA on your side as you learn to love wearing your new smile.

Having all of the Gage Dental Care experience and skill in partnership with you for new dentures is important, as you want to look as natural as possible. Your new teeth can help you look great, healthy and vibrant as before tooth loss. Not having quality dentists working with you in these ways can lead to ill-fitting, pinching, loose and uncomfortable dentures you will struggle to wear. Poor fit can also make eating difficult and affects speech and personal confidence. You deserve the best for your lasting smile and Gage Dental Care will help and guide you each step of the way.

Come In to Gage Dental Care for Your Dentures

The decision to get new dentures is a big one. Dentures are an investment in your oral health, personal comfort, appearance and self-confidence.

When you need new dentures and ongoing oral health care, Gage Dental Care in Bell CA is ready to help you. Dentists Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai form a highly professional and caring team dedicated to ensuring you feel great about your teeth and smile.

Before your first visit with Gage Dental Care, you can talk to the staff about your insurance coverage and how your dental benefits may help you reach your treatment goals. Through this discussion, you will have a good idea of what your insurance will cover and what costs may need to be paid through alternative means. It is important to everyone at Gage Dental Care that you are provided with the best treatment possible with affordability and options for payment. You can use credit cards, cash or even zero-interest financing if you qualify, as well as other means of financing through third party options.