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In many cases, obtaining a beautiful smile requires patience and great effort. At Gage Dental Care in Bell, we offer full mouth reconstruction to enhance your appearance and increase your personal satisfaction with your smile. A full mouth reconstruction involves rebuilding or restoring all of your upper and lower teeth simultaneously. This requires several procedures, and you will likely need the expertise of our professional dental team, Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai.

If you are considering this extensive cosmetic dentistry treatment, then be prepared to undergo a number of general and restorative procedures. For instance, we may need to use crowns, veneers or bridges to give you the smile that you desire. You may even need Dr. Hanookai’s periodontal expertise in addition to oral surgery. For some people, a full mouth restoration requires orthodontics to get involved along with an endodontist.

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

You are a candidate for this procedure if you’ve lost teeth because of trauma or decay or if you have teeth that are injured or fractured. Teeth that are severely worn from a tooth grinding condition or because of long-term acid erosion due to acid reflux or from certain foods and beverages may need to be reconstructed. If you have headache, muscle or jaw pain from problems with your bite, then you are also a candidate for the procedure.

About the Consultation

If you feel that your smile needs a full restoration, be sure to make an appointment for a consultation with our Gage cosmetic dentist. A full examination will help us determine the extent of your oral problems. We will also start a makeover strategy.

During the consultation, your dentist will assess the color, size, proportion and shape of your teeth to establish whether they need porcelain veneers or crowns to appear more attractive. He or she may decide that a few inlays or onlays can restore your teeth to an appealing state. Your dentist may also choose to treat your smile with implants or gum contouring.

In some cases, full mouth reconstruction includes a periodontal treatment for gum disease. Our highly trained periodontist, Dr. Hanookai, will determine whether your smile restoration requires root planing or scaling to treat a gum condition. During a full mouth reconstruction evaluation, your dentist will check your gum tissue levels. He or she will also look for bone density irregularities. If your gums are damaged or if your jawbone is deteriorating, then you may need soft tissue or bone grafts to build up these parts of your body before we can move into the restoration procedures.

A Restoration that Will Make You Smile

For experienced cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, contact us at Gage Dental Care. We will repair damaged teeth and replace missing ones. At Gage, teeth whitening and bonding will transform your teeth and give you a restoration that will make you smile.

Full or Partial Dentures

If you’re searching for a Los Angeles dentist who makes dentures, then be sure to contact us at Gage Dental Care. We develop full and partial ones. Dentures are custom-made dental devices that serve as a replacement for missing teeth. You can take dentures in and out of your mouth as needed. Most people are uncomfortable wearing them at first. It takes time to adjust to dentures since they will not feel the same as natural teeth. Fortunately, technology is bringing improvements to the dental device. Because of this, today’s options look more natural and are more comfortable to wear. If you’re missing teeth, then our dentists will complete an assessment to determine whether you need full or partial dentures.

Full Dentures

To increase the natural appearance of full dentures, a base that mimics the color of your gums will hold the dental device in place. This piece contains the prosthetic teeth. At Gage Dental Care, our dentists will customize your dentures to ensure that they fit into your mouth properly. Customization also provides a secure attachment, which prevents the dental device from moving around when you’re eating or talking.

To make dentures, we will take an impression of your mouth to develop a mold. Because the mold includes all of the unique variations of your mouth, we can make sure that your dentures fit as comfortably as possible.

Partial Dentures

Our professional cosmetic dentist will recommend partial dentures if you’re just missing a few teeth. This type of dental device is an alternate to a bridge. Dentists usually prefer a bridge to correct more than one missing tooth, but to be a good candidate for a bridge, several elements must be present in your mouth. For instance, the teeth adjacent the bridge and your gums will need to be healthy. If they aren’t, your dentist may recommend partial dentures to replace the missing teeth.

A partial denture attaches to metal framework that your dentist will connect to your natural teeth. If your teeth are damaged or weak, then we may restore them with crowns before anchoring the metal framework to them. We will customize your partial dentures to ensure a proper fit.

Denture Consultation

If you’re missing teeth, then be sure to contact us for a denture consultation. At Gage Dental Care in the Los Angeles area, our professional dentists will recommend the best option for replacing teeth. Give us a call today.