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A root canal is a common dental procedure, one that can save a tooth from extraction. With the proper care, your teeth should last your lifetime. In the past, damaged or diseased teeth were pulled. Today, our top Bell dentist can save your tooth by performing a root canal.

Infections and Inflammation

Inside your tooth resides a soft tissue called pulp. This tissue contains nerves and blood vessels. Because of this, it can become infected or inflamed. When it does, the root requires treatment. Damage to a tooth is the usual culprit behind inflammation and infection since a crack or a chip permits bacteria to reach the pulp.

Infected or damaged pulp must be removed because the infection could spread to the tissue around the tooth’s root. If this happens, you will likely experience swelling and pain. Even if you are someone who does not experience pain from infected or damaged pulp, bacteria can harm the part of the bone that keeps the tooth inside the jaw. Without treatment, the tooth will eventually require extraction.

Root Canal Procedure

Root canals usually require one or two dental appointments. During the first appointment, your tooth and the surrounding area will be numbed. To keep the area dry, your dentist will position a thin latex rubber sheet over it. He or she will then make an opening through the tooth’s crown to reach the pulp chamber.

The pulp or nerve will be extracted from the chamber and root canal, which is the area inside the root. Your dentist will clean out each root and prepare them to be refilled. To kill the bacteria, your dentist may need to inject an antibiotic. When it comes to filling in the root canal, most dentists use a rubber-like material. This also seals the root.

To prevent contamination of the root canal, your dentist will likely set and attach a temporary cap over the tooth. A permanent crown will be made for your mouth, and your dentist will bond it in place during a follow up appointment. At Gage Dental Care, we have the technology to develop same day crowns, so you may not need a follow up appointment.

Lifetime Dental Work

At our Los Angeles cosmetic dental office, our staff will work to keep you comfortable during the root canal procedure. After Dr. Abaian completes the treatment, the tooth will function as it did before. With proper oral hygiene that involves regular dental checkups, you could have complete use of the treated tooth for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a root canal specialist in East Los Angeles Call our office today and make an appointment. 

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