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You floss and brush your teeth each day as important measures for protecting your oral health. But you also need to visit your Gage Dental Care dentist regularly for a dental checkup. Dental checkups should occur at least once every six months, or more frequently as your dentist recommends. When you visit Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA, you receive all of the important services to safeguard your smile and keep it shining brightly in good health.

What is a dental checkup?

A dental checkup at Gage Dental Care means you are seeing one of the most trusted dentists in Bell, CA. This routine checkup involves a dentist and dental hygienist checking your teeth, gums and other parts of your mouth for signs of any problem areas. As part of your dental checkup, you can usually expect to have your teeth cleaned and polished. You will also receive a general exam of all areas of your mouth, possibly including X-rays if your dentist considers those images necessary. A general dental checkup is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have or address concerns about problem areas in your mouth or products you use to take care of your teeth and gums.

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Using a special instrument known as a hand scaler or an ultrasonic dental tool, your dental hygienist will scrape tartar from your teeth. Tartar is hardened plaque that, when left to accumulate, can cause problems for your teeth and gums. Your teeth will then be polished with a rotating rubber instrument or brush. At the end of this cleaning and polishing, your teeth will feel and look great, free of plaque or stains that may have existed before your appointment.


During your routine dental checkup, your dental hygienist and the dentist will look for signs of problems or any changes that should be addressed. They will check your teeth, gums and the rest of your mouth during this examination. A special probe will be used to measure pockets between your teeth and gums. You will be checked for cavities through use of an special tool and a small round mirror will be used to see the back and side surfaces of your teeth.

Sometimes you will need a more extensive exam, called a comprehensive exam. These are often conducted during your first visit with a dentist and periodically as needed. As part of a comprehensive exam, your dentist will likely review your medical history with you, take X-rays of your mouth and thoroughly examine your mouth, head and neck.

Education and Consultation

After your teeth have been cleaned as part of your dental checkup at Gage Dental Care, your dental hygienist or dentist will speak with you about any problems they discovered in your mouth and what should be done to correct those problems. They can also show you how to brush and floss better, if you are having problems with daily oral care. During consultation, you can ask questions about your oral health. You may also discuss treatment plans with the dentist, to ensure you gain the smile you hope for. If your teeth, gums or other areas of your mouth have any problems requiring specialized treatment, you may be referred to a periodontist or orthodontist.


From time to time, your dentist may need to have updated X-rays of your mouth to check for tooth decay, root issues, gum disease or other oral health concerns. If you have copies of X-rays from your previous dentist and are visiting Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA for the first time, bring those with you.

Why Gage Dental Care for a dental checkup?

The professionals of Gage Dental Care provide quality dentistry and ongoing oral health care for patients wanting a healthy smile. Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai each provide dental skills that work in harmony as part of an unparalleled team. Patients enjoy visiting with Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai, as they know that their smiles will look their most natural and beautiful, as a result.

Dr. Abaian is known for helping patients achieve balanced, beautiful and comfortable smiles through well-crafted crowns and veneers. Dr. Hanookai complements this work by correcting structural problems in patients' gums and bones, allowing for healthy support of teeth and crowns.

When you visit Gage Dental Care for your dental checkup, you will know your smile is in good hands. Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai welcome your questions about your oral health, so you can partner with them in ensuring your smile is its healthiest, most beautiful and vibrant.

Come In for Your Dental Checkup

Your dental checkup at Gage Dental Care is the beginning of a lasting dental relationship, or the continuation of ongoing treatment by Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai. You will soon become part of the Gage Dental Care family, with visits and treatments designed to help you feel your best about your teeth.

At Gage Dental Care, many dental insurance plans can be used and major credit cards are accepted. Before your first visit with us, you may call our office to verify your insurance coverage and find out how your benefits can be applied to your dental care. We do all we can to maximize your coverage, while ensuring your ongoing treatment is affordable.

Other options for payment include interest-free financing for patients who qualify, as well as several third-party dental care financing companies. We will help you find the best options for your payments and to ensure continuity in your dental care.