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Having tooth colored fillings installed by the dentists of Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA enables you to gain restoration of your teeth without sacrificing your natural, white smile. Tooth colored fillings restore your teeth that have decayed or fractured, also being a good solution for changing the shape, color and size of teeth. The dentist can close gaps in your teeth with tooth colored fillings, repair chipped teeth and use the material of these fillings to make your teeth appear straighter.

Dentists throughout the United States have used tooth colored fillings since the 1960s. The earliest version of these were not as strong as the fillings of today. Most are now composite resin material and offer great strength, durability and appearance.

Why use tooth colored fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are a great choice for long-lasting repair of teeth. There are many reasons to use this type of fillings, such as:

  • Matching of your natural tooth color
  • Strong chemical bonding to your teeth without use of pins or other means of connection to the tooth
  • Restoration is between 85 and 95 percent of your original tooth's strength
  • Quick hardening consistency of these fillings is hard within seconds, not days
  • Minimal effect on tooth sensitivity, if any at all
  • Can be used to repair front and back teeth with natural looking results
  • Easily repairable if damaged

To install your composite resin fillings, the dentist may not need to numb your areas of restoration. This is because tooth colored fillings are chemically bonded to teeth and do not require pins, groves or rods to hold them in place. If your tooth decay has advanced beyond the enamel layer and into dentin of the teeth, you may need to have some local anesthesia to make installation comfortable. This is because dentin surrounds the nerves of your teeth and can be very sensitive.

Your tooth filling process will start with removal of decayed spots of the tooth. The tooth is then cleaned and coated with a primer where it will be repaired. The primer works to open the tooth's pores so bonding agent that is applied next will go into these pores and form a lasting bond to your tooth. The filling is then applied into the tooth and sculpted to look natural and fit your bite. Once all of this is completed, the dentist will harden the filling with a curing light. When no adjustments to the shape or size are needed, the dentist then smooths and polishes your new filling.

Your dentist may need to discuss options to these natural looking fillings to meet your dental insurance requirements, because of issues specific to your teeth or for greater affordability. But whenever possible, tooth colored fillings provide some of the most aesthetically appealing means of repairing teeth.

Alternatives to tooth colored fillings include composite or porcelain inlays fabricated in a specialized laboratory. These can last longer than resin and are more stain resistant. But these alternatives cost much more and require several visits to the dentist for fitting and installation, as compared to the quicker solution of tooth colored composite resin fillings.

There are a few other alternatives when tooth colored fillings are not the right option. Each have their benefits and drawbacks, so one of the most trusted dentists in Bell CA will help you make the right choice based upon your oral health needs. You can rely upon your dentists of Gage Dental Care when it comes to the most suited material for your teeth and lifestyle. In making the decision the dentist will consider each material's strength, cost, durability and esthetics, as well as the size of the restoration area, mechanical needs for chewing and your tooth's location.

Why Gage Dental Care for tooth colored fillings?

The professionals of Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA will work with you in the right decision for your fillings, such as whether tooth colored fillings are the best fit. With Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai's skills, you are in good hands for repair and restoration of your tooth surfaces.

Come In for Your Tooth Colored Fillings

Gage Dental Care will customize a treatment plan that is best for your oral health, including tooth colored fillings where needed. When you are a patient of Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA, you will be pleased with your tooth restoration and repair results. You can pay for your treatment using dental insurance, credit cards, or financing through available dental payment programs. The professional staff will work with you to find the right payment option for optimum affordability.