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Many people experience tooth discoloration, and since humans are unique creatures, they experience this discoloration to different degrees. Even those who take care of their teeth by brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly suffer from yellowing teeth due to age, food and environmental factors. Fortunately, cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening can bring the brightness back to your smile.

What is Teeth Whitening?

When it comes to teeth whitening procedures in Bell, the options are seemingly endless. While take-home whitening options are available, the results of in-office treatments are typically more dramatic. At Gage Dental, we offer laser whitening treatments as well as Zoom Teeth Whitening. Both options brighten the smiles of our patients quickly. Laser procedures usually take a few hours while Zoom Teeth Whitening can eliminate stains and lighten your teeth in about one hour.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening enhances your appearance. It will make you look younger and freshen up your entire look. It is one of the most requested cosmetic treatments and one of the most affordable. Teeth whitening will likely boost your self-confidence, and the procedure will inspire you to smile. A whiter smile could help you professionally as well. If your career involves face-to-face contact with others, they’ll be more comfortable working with someone who exhibits a bright smile.

The lack of harmful side effects is another major advantage of this type of cosmetic treatment. Teeth whitening simply removes the stains that have formed on your teeth from everyday use. In the past, many people suffered from tooth and gum sensitivity following tooth-whitening procedures. Today, cosmetic dentists are using enhanced techniques to prevent these problems.

Not only will you enjoy brighter results by having a teeth whitening procedure completed in the office, but you will also feel more comfortable being monitored by Dr. Abaian. After a whitening treatment, you will no longer smile with just a closed mouth or hide your teeth when you’re having a conversation with someone or laughing at something that they said. White teeth will give you the confidence to share your smile.

Reclaim Your Grin

Dentist-provided teeth whitening procedures cost more than at home methods. However, they are a worthwhile investment, one that could wind up saving you money in the long run due to fewer treatments. By visiting our Bell cosmetic dentist for a teeth-whitening treatment, you’ll reclaim your grin.