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At Gage Dental Care in the Greater Los Angeles area, we offer sedation dentistry. Many people experience an intense fear of visiting the dentist. If you’re among those who do, then you may put off regular dental visits as well as needed procedures. Instead of putting your health at risk, consider taking advantage of sedation dentistry. Different options are available, and by using one of them, you may be able to overcome the sense of dread that you feel upon making a dental appointment.

IV Sedation

If your fear of the dentist is something that you’re unable to control, then you may require intravenous, or IV, sedation. We will administer this in conjunction with a local anesthetic to help you remain calm. Under IV sedation, you will not experience pain because the medication will put you in an extremely relaxed state. Often, our patients do not remember having the procedure. If you choose IV sedation, then be sure to schedule a ride home or arrange for a friend or a family member to drive you to your residence.

Light Sedation or Twilight

The need for a major dental procedure may cause you to experience a slight sense of anxiety. In this situation, we can make you more comfortable with light, or twilight, sedation. This option includes oral medication like Diazepam. You can take the medication about 30 minutes before the procedure or the night before. The drug will make you feel relaxed, and it will help you remain comfortable during the treatment. Like IV sedation, we recommend that you schedule a ride home or bring someone with you who can drive.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is another sedation option. It is often used with children to keep them calm, but it will help you feel calm as well. We administer the gas at the office, and while you’re under its effects, you will stay conscious. However, you should feel relaxed and peaceful. You may even feel a little giddy. Nitrous oxide will help you handle a shot of Novocain more easily. It also wears off fast, so you can drive yourself home safely.

Getting the Care You Need

Sedation dentistry at our Bell dental office will make your next dental treatment a calm and relaxed event. Our staff will ensure your comfort and safety during this type of treatment while our dental team will complete your procedure efficiently and expertly.