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A Gage Dental Care family dentist is a professional dentist licensed and able to care for patients of all ages, every member of your family. Instead of having to take your family members to different providers and offices, everyone in the family can see the same dental team. Of course, if you are a family of only one or two people, you are welcome at Gage Dental Care, too!

Why use a family dentist?

Visiting a family dentist makes every facet of your family’s dental care easier and more convenient. You can choose to set individual appointments on individual days or work with the professional staff of Gage Dental Care to bring multiple family members into the dentist’s office on the same day. Your family dentist will provide oral healthcare for babies, toddlers, children, pre-teens, adolescents, young adults, adults and older adults.

All members of your family can receive the dental treatments they need, including all general dentistry services, at your family dentist of Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA. Because everyone in the family will be visiting the same dental professionals, you can develop a very good relationship with the dentists and staff who will know your entire family and unique family needs well. You will be more comfortable asking important questions, too.

Why Gage Dental Care as Your Family Dentist

The dentists of Gage Dental Care in Bell CA are highly skilled and compassionate. They look forward to providing quality dental care for your entire family. When you see a Gage Dental Care dentist, you can be confident in knowing you are seeing one of the most trusted dentists in Bell, CA.

Your oral health is important, just as the oral health of your entire family matters. Throughout your family’s growth, dental needs will change. By visiting Gage Dental Care dentists Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai, your dental care will grow with your family, remaining consistent from infancy through adulthood. Regardless of what type of treatment your family needs for everyone to keep vibrant, engaging smiles, the caring staff of Gage Dental Care will help you plan your treatments, find the right payment options and schedule appointments for greatest convenience.

Come In to Gage Dental Care for Family Dentist Visits

Finding a family dentist for your family can be difficult. There are many options to consider in your family dentist search, with each one varying from location and accepted payment methods to dentist personality and staff engagement. When your family visits Gage Dental Care, you can rest assured that all of your loved ones will enjoy visiting the dentist, just as they are treated through utilization of the best available technologies and procedures. Our staff is welcoming and friendly and can keep your family members’ smiles healthy and vibrant from their youngest days through all phases of life.

When you are ready to make your Gage Dental Care appointment, call our caring staff for help understanding your insurance benefits and payment options for family dentist visits. They can help you become aware of what to expect from your insurance policy, as well as other amounts that you may need to cover. Gage Dental Care accepts credit cards, cash, multiple financing programs and your dental insurance for payment.