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east Los Angeles dental check up

Regular dental checkups are highly recommended because they help keep the teeth and gums, clean and healthy. If you visit a dental office in East Los Angeles for dental check-ups, the specialist will recommend that you come for checkup, cleaning, oral prophylaxis or examination at least twice a year. During dental checkup, the dentist will look at the cavities and may request for x-ray. The x ray is crucial in analyzing the gums, jawbone structure and teeth. Oral cancer screenings can also be ordered to reveal hidden periodontal issues and other abnormalities.

Brushing Teeth

The electric toothbrush cleans the teeth automatically when switched on. The battery powered, semi-rotating scrubbers in the toothbrush are highly effective in removing plaque and other debris found in the teeth and gums. Some of the key components of electric toothbrush are the removable brush, cam and gears, electric motor, circuit, rechargeable battery and the on and off switch. Electric toothbrushes come with varying built-in cleaning modes. The most common include tongue cleaning, deep cleaning, sensitivity cleaning and whitening mode. On the overall, the electric toothbrushes are classified based on the type of oscillation and speed of movement.

dental fillings east los angeles

Looking for dental fillings in East Los Angeles? No and that's one of the reasons you should schedule a dental visit every 6 months for a dental check one The dental filling procedures are usually done to restore a damaged tooth caused by decay. Before the filling is added, the dentist begins by removing the decayed tooth and cleans the affected area. The most widely used filling materials are amalgam, composite resin, gold and porcelain. Gold fillings are highly durable and well-tolerated by the gum tissue. The filling is also long lasting and can last up to 20 years. Porcelain fillings, on the other hand, are great stain resisters and often match the color of the teeth. Porcelains are just as expensive as gold fillings.

Nail biting is a bad habit with serious health repercussions. People who bite their nails often develop deformed, shortened and uneven nails. The habit can also wreak havoc on the gums and teeth and cause oral health issues such as tooth grinding, gingivitis and root resorption. Gingivitis is caused when bacteria enters the mouth as a result of fingernail chewing. Tooth grinding can cause tooth sensitivity, headaches and facial pain. If treatment is not sought in good time, the patient may lose a tooth. People who chew nails can also experience pressure on the jawbone.

High dental bills are a major deterrent to residents seeking dental care and treatment in East Los Angeles. Dental insurance plans are a timely safety net for residents seeking affordable dental treatment. The other benefits of obtaining dental insurance include coverage for unexpected dental emergency treatment and access to a nationwide network of caring dentists. The three main types of dental plans offered in the US are PPO plans, HMO network and Indemnity plans.