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Huntington Park CA Dental Implants

New advances in the dental field have made it easier and more effective to replace teeth using implant technology. When you work with an East Los Angeles dental implant dentist, you have the opportunity to find out your options for dental implants that give you a long-term solution to the problem of missing teeth. While you may have tried other options in the past such as dentures, dental implants function differently in the mouth to promote greater oral health. As you explore your options for tooth replacement, use this guide to understand more about getting a dental implant in Huntington Park


Understand the Benefits of Dental Implants

Your Huntington Park dental implant dentist may recommend dental implants for replacing your missing teeth to help preserve the bone mass in your jaw. When a natural tooth is lost, the jawbone no longer receives the stimulation it requires to maintain its density. Over time, loss of this bone mass can lead to further deterioration of your mouth such as loose teeth and changes in your appearance. When an implant is placed, the titanium post that holds the crown functions much like a tooth root to keep the bone stimulated. Implants are also one of the most long-lasting solutions to replacing a missing tooth. Once an implant is professionally placed, you can expect the post to potentially last for a lifetime, and crowns can last as long as 15 years with proper care.

Explore Different Types of Implants

You should also be aware that there are several different types of implants such as endosteal implants that are implanted into your jawbone and subperiosteal implants that go below the gumline. When you seek Huntington Park dental implant services, your dentist will conduct a full exam of your mouth to determine which type works best for your oral health needs. For instance, single tooth implants are ideal when you have only one missing tooth to replace. Alternatively, you may use implants to hold bridges or dentures in place. Mini-implants are a newer type that have smaller posts and work well for people with small spaces between their teeth. Depending upon your oral health needs, you may also be a candidate for same day implants that allow you to leave the office with a set of replacement teeth already in place.

Know When to Get a Dental Implant

There are many reasons why you may need a dental implant. For instance, teeth may be lost due to injuries, severe decay or gum disease and implants can be used to help restore the health of your mouth. During your visit with a Huntington Park dentist, let them know about any issues that you have with your current missing teeth replacements so that they can help you decide if an implant is the best solution for your problems.

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