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Finding the right East Los Angeles dentist shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it can be a task. You want a dentist with a stellar reputation, one with convenient hours, one who sees the entire family, and one who has locations that don’t mean spending hours in traffic. You might feel you’re asking a lot from one office. It’s a long list of desires, but it’s possible to find the right dentist when you know how to ask the right questions. 

Are Your Locations Convenient? 

At Gage Dental care we have a dentist for you. If you’re looking for a Bell dentist, we have one. If you’re looking for a South Gate dentist, you’ll find an office. If you prefer a Downey dentist office, we’ve got one for you. Our East Los Angeles dentist locations are easy for you to find, convenient for you no matter your location, and we make it easy for you to schedule appointments that work for you and your schedule. 


How Does the Dentist Handle His or Her Schedule? 

Your time is valuable. There is nothing worse than scheduling an appointment to have your teeth cleaned in the midst of your already busy schedule only to find yourself sitting in the waiting room for hours because your dentist is behind. Our offices employ numerous dental professionals so we don’t fall behind on our appointments or keep our patients waiting. Ask your dentist if they keep their patients waiting or if they have options available so you can stick to your schedule, too. 

Do You Like the Office? 

You should always schedule a consultation with a new dentist before making an appointment for a cleaning. This is your opportunity to determine whether or not you’re comfortable in the offices, if you like the doctor, and it’s your chance to form a first impression. Is the office clean and well-kept? Does the staff seem knowledgeable, professional, and friendly? Does the dentist listen to you and answer your questions, or does he or she speak over you and make you feel stupid or uncomfortable? 
These are important things to consider before you hire a new dentist. 

Do They Provide What You Need? 

The final question you should ask is all about you. Does your new dental office cater to your needs? Do you want a cosmetic dentist or someone who can handle your root canals and the kids’ cleanings? Do they see the entire family or just the kids because they are a pediatric dentist? Do you have the option to go back with your kids while the dentist sees them, or do they ask you to wait in the lobby? 

These are important questions to ask. You have needs, and you want to be sure your dentist meets those needs. You are not wrong to ask about these things. You want a dentist who makes you comfortable and meets your needs. It’s your right. 

Call our East Los Angeles dentist to schedule a consultation. Our dentists want to get to know you and your family as much as you want to get to know us. We want to answer your questions, show you around, and make sure you’re comfortable with all we have to offer. Call now to schedule an appointment. Your oral health is important, and want to get started helping you live a healthier life with a brighter and more beautiful smile.