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looking for an Endodontics in east Los Angeles? A root canal is the standard treatment when the pulp chamber of a tooth becomes infected. The procedure can eliminate the infection entirely and prevent future problems or further spreading of harmful bacteria. The pulp chamber is the inner hollow cavity where the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are. A root canal often removes these structures, reducing pain and inflammation due to the infection.

Treatment of an infected tooth pulp chamber is important because any infection in the body has the potential to continue spreading and cause harm to the body. The body may struggle from absorbing the toxic wastes from the bacteria. Over time this can pollute the bloodstream and negatively affect overall health and well-being.

Typically a root canal is needed due to an advanced tooth infection. This means you may already be in a lot of pain. It's important not to hesitate and get help quickly to get relief. Do not wait until it gets worse otherwise the infection may spread and result in the tooth needing to be removed entirely.

The infection of the tooth usually starts in the enamel as a cavity then spreads into the deeper regions of the tooth. Here the sensitive nerves and blood vessels reside, causing more acute agitation and sensitivity. This procedure can prevent the spreading of an infection and can clear up ongoing pain due to inflammation.

A root canal irrigates, cleans and removes the pulp and them fills the hollow with a binding resin that secures the tooth. It is used for when a tooth is still salvageable and can be saved from an infected state.

The procedure may be done over several visits. It is a quite complicated procedure and the time it will take depends on circumstance. First, contact Gage Dental Care to receive a consultation as a diagnosis and examination are required to determine if a tooth can be salvaged through a root canal. In some cases, the tooth may already have become dead and need to be extracted to protect the other teeth.

If possible, the infected pulp can be removed and by removing the inflamed or infected tissue the tooth can be preserved. Talk with your dentist if this is the best course of action and if the tooth has a good chance. They'll examine the tooth and run a few tests to determine the health and state of the tooth and if a root canal will be effective.

During the procedure, the tooth must be opened from the crown. It will also be isolated from the rest of your mouth to prevent cross-contamination. Then your dentist will shape, irrigated, and fill the hollow. Depending on whether you'll be returning for a second visit to finish the procedure, a temporary filling may be placed to protect the tooth during that time. Finally, a protective crown will be placed to seal and protect the tooth.

A root canal can be a daunting procedure, but it's important to remember that it can dramatically reduce the pain and discomfort you are currently feeling by having an infected tooth. Visit Gage Dental Care in East Los Angeles and schedule your consultation today. Your dental health is incredibly important and affects the rest of your body. Do not wait and let the infection spread, visit your dentist and begin the process of treating your tooth.