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Teeth Cleaning east los angeles

When you go to the dentist for your regular checkups, you may get some teeth whitening services. The main reason you go, though, is to get a teeth cleaning in East Los Angeles. Professional teeth cleaning is the main line of defense against plaque, cavities, and gum disease. Before you visit your dentist for your next teeth cleaning in east Los Angeles, here some of the different kinds of cleaning you should know about. 

Different Kinds of Teeth Cleaning

  • Prophylaxis - This is the most common type of teeth cleaning. It is designed for people who already have healthy teeth as a preventative measure. Patients who show no signs of periodontal bleeding and very little gingivitis will get this type of teeth cleaning at their next dentist visit. 
  • Debridement - Also referred to as gross debridement, this type of cleaning strives to remove all of the plaque and calculus built-up on a tooth. Once this is cleared away, the tooth can be further probed and scraped to see what further treatment it needs. 
  • Root Planting - After a gross debridement, most patients will receive root planting treatment, which strives to treat localized gingivitis and periodontal disease. It is also called "deep cleaning" by many dentists. During the process, antibiotic gels are used in localized areas to treat the periodontal disease. 

Which Kind of Cleaning Should I Get?

You don't decide what kind of cleaning your dentist gives you, the dentist does. They can determine the best course of cleaning treatment for you after your initial examination and x-rays. Root planting may have to be administered more often than typical cleanings to help fight the periodontal disease and slow its effects. 

Deep Cleaning Fights Gum Disease

Gum disease is an underestimated problem today. It is estimated by the ADA that about half of adults over the age of 30 suffer from some kind of gum disease and deep teeth cleaning is one of the best ways to fight it. The side effects of tooth decay are vast and can even include tooth loss. 

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when bacteria and plaque get in the pockets between the gum and teeth. These areas are not reached by regular tooth cleaning, so a more involved process is required. If effective, deep cleaning will eventually completely rid the mouth of gum disease and halt its side effects. This is great because of the drastic negative consequences gum disease can have on a person over time. 

Multiple Appointments

Unlike other cleanings, your deep cleaning services may not occur all in one appointment. Depending on the severity of the problem, the dental hygenist may need to spend extra time on certain areas of the mouth, meaning you will need to come for multiple visits over time to get rid of the problem. 

Cosmetic Cleaning

Teeth whitening is considered by some to be a form of cosmetic teeth cleaning. While many of the services performed by a dentist are cosmetic, teeth cleaning is not. Having your teeth regularly cleaned is considered a preventative measure by most doctors. This is why it is covered by almost every dental insurance plan. Often, your insurance provider includes free cleanings and examinations as part of your annual coverage.