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root canal Treatment East Los Angeles

When you have an East Los Angeles root canal, the central nerve which is inside a tooth is removed. This procedure is done to prevent further injury from the bacteria that is infecting the area. An East Los Angeles root canal can save a significantly injured tooth. Root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA is typically needed when infection is caused by a cavity that is deep, trauma to the tooth has happened, or tooth enamel has been cracked. 


When a root canal specialist East Los Angeles performs this procedure, it involves a variety of steps. It may also be a costly procedure. Some root canal specialists East Los Angeles may recommend alternative methods before doing Los Angeles root canal treatment.

One of the most popular alternatives to an East Los Angeles root canal is to remove the tooth. The removal of the tooth by a root canal specialist East Los Angeles will eliminate the chance of the bacteria to settle into the tooth. However, tooth extraction can cause a variety of other health concerns that are not associated with root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA

When a tooth is removed, the bone and gums around the tooth are weakened by the bacteria. Sometimes the surrounding area is so infected that removing the tooth is not enough. Many experts agree Los Angeles root canal treatment as fewer side effects to the bone and gums than extraction.

Another alternative to receiving root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA is natural remedies. A variety of experts will suggest a diet that limits or removes all process sugars and grain products will support the healing of any infection of the teeth. While choosing to promote a healthier lifestyle will provide various benefits, it will not fix a cracked tooth. It will also not fill a cavity. These items require Los Angeles root canal treatment. A healthier diet, however, will support positive oral health and healing after the procedure. Natural remedies will also help to heal the surrounding area’s infection. 

A third alternative to an East Los Angeles root canal is ozone gas. The ozone gas is used to irrigate the cavity of the root. The gas can get more in-depth than the drilled area. The use of this type of gas will kill bacteria deep in the hole allowing more of the tooth to be saved. Ozone gas can sterilize the area beneath the tooth enamel which can eliminate the need for Los Angeles root canal treatment. However, the chances of the infection returning remain. If your issues are with infection, ozone gas could be an option, but it is not a guaranteed solution. East Los Angeles root canal may still be needed.

An alternative method similar to ozone gas is calcium hydroxide. You can also flood the infected tooth canals with calcium hydroxide will help to prevent bacteria from growing. This alkaline substance can disperse and remove dead tissue from the tooth cavity. The calcium hydroxide also helps reduce bacteria from developing. As with the other alternatives, calcium hydroxide will not benefit a broken tooth or cavity. It is also important to note that calcium hydroxide is toxic which requires a file or needle to place it carefully within the tooth canal.

Each of these alternatives has benefits and disadvantages. However, the only way to ensure you have a chance of keeping your natural teeth and relieving pain may be a root canal. If you would like to see a root canal specialist East Los Angeles, you should call Gage Dental Care today at (323)-773-5029 to schedule an appointment for more information about Los Angeles root canal treatment.