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root canal east los angeles

It can surprise people seeking root canal treatment Los Angeles that pain still exists after the procedure. After all, the nerve is removed from the tooth. It doesn’t otherwise make sense why there’d still be pain. However, there are a few reasons pain may occur. Consider the information below if you are seeking an East Los Angeles root canal treatment or you have already had one and are experiencing pain.

Root canal treatment in east Los Angeles is an invasive procedure that not only cleans the inside of the root and removes nerves of the tooth, but it also affects the surrounding gum tissue, which also has nerves. Some discomfort after an East Los Angeles root canal treatment is normal. Shots that were used to numb the area can cause pain.


Nerve endings in the ligaments that surround teeth can also be affected. These ligaments can become swollen when a tooth needs a root canal. It will take some time for the pain to diminish, but it should go away within a few days. In some cases, the material used to fix the tooth can cause an incorrect bite and can produce soreness. At times, bacteria can remain in the bone around the root of the tooth. However, the body’s immune system usually clears this up.

Root Canal Treatment East Los Angeles Procedure

Root canals occur when the root of a tooth becomes infected or damaged. During a root canal, the nerve and blood supply in the root is removed and cleaned. The outer portion of the tooth remains, and a crown is placed on top. This helps to use the tooth to eat and speak. Because the nerves will be removed from the tooth, it will cease to be sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks. However, the tooth may still experience tenderness from pressure in the days following a root canal procedure.

Root Canal Treatment Los Angeles CA Aftercare

The root canal specialist Los Angeles will provide you with the proper instructions after your root canal treatment Los Angeles CA. Wait until the numbness wears off before you eat anything. Generally, over-the-counter medication should be taken, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. However, the dentist may prescribe a stronger form of medication to help with pain. Tenderness is to be expected for a few days after the procedure.

How to Alleviate Pain

In addition to medication, it’s best to rest the remainder of the day. Taking vitamin C can help the body to repair itself quicker. Ice packs and warm saltwater rinses are also helpful to help kill bacteria and relieve pain and swelling. However, if you are having severe pain that lasts longer than a few days, experience swelling, rashes, hives or itching, if your bite seems uneven, your crown or filling falls out or your symptoms are like the symptoms you had prior to your root canal, call the root canal specialist Los Angeles immediately. You may have some remaining nerves or infection in the root of your tooth.