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Dental care is important at every stage in life, and regular exams and cleanings are essential for helping you to prevent decay and gum disease. While you may know that a family dentist in East Los Angeles is your best partner for preserving you and your family’s oral health, it is easy to get confused by all of the different names for dentists that you come across as you search for the best family dentist near me. The simple answer is that a family dentist is one that treats people of all different ages. Whether your toddler needs their first tooth checked or your aging parent needs their dentures adjusted, your family dentist is experienced with providing a wide range of services.


Why Go to a Family Dentist in East Los Angeles?

Naturally, going to the best family dentist near me may not be at the top of your list of favorite things to do. However, family dentists know how to make your visits comfortable. From encouraging you to listen to music during a treatment to using sedation during complicated procedures, you never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when you are in the chair at your Bell family dentist office. 

You should also understand that most people should see their dentist for an exam at least once a year, but you may require more frequent visits if you have a history of tooth decay or gum disease. Dental cleanings are another service performed by family dentists that can help you remove plaque and tartar that is missed during your at home tooth brushing routine. If a problem is found during an exam, your family dentist can provide services such as fillings and crowns to restore your mouth back to optimal health.

Ideally, the family dentist that you choose should be located in close proximity to your community. This helps you be able to attend your scheduled appointments without being inconvenienced, and your entire family benefits when they can receive timely care from the family dentist in your area that they feel comfortable going to see.

How Do a Family Dentist and General Dentist Differ?

It’s common to hear both of these terms tossed around when you are trying to find a family dentist. However, family and general dentists are essentially the same. To become a family dentist, a person must complete a rigorous course of education that teaches them how to provide proper care to people of all ages. Typically, this involves earning an undergraduate degree and then going on to participate in post-secondary education that involves approximately four more years of dental school. Depending upon a dentist’s preferences for specialization, they may also continue with further educational opportunities to learn advanced techniques such as tooth whitening procedures and implant dentistry.

When a dentist lists that they provide family services, they are letting you know that every member of your family is welcome to schedule a visit. You will also find that this type of dentist offers a wider range of services than other types since they must be able to adapt their techniques to fit the needs of a variety of people. Whether you need tooth whitening before your wedding or your teenager needs an emergency visit for a knocked out tooth, your family dentist is ready to provide quality help.

What Should You Know About a Pediatric Vs. Family Dentist?

Family dentists can also choose to focus part of their training on learning how to care for young children. Since experiences early in childhood can shape a person’s feelings about going to the dentist, a pediatric dentist makes every effort to provide safe, comforting care that is tailored to fit the needs of small children.

A pediatric dentist understands how to work with children who have special needs such as behavioral challenges that limit their ability to sit for too long in the chair. Your child’s dentist may also use special tools that are designed to fit children’s smaller mouths. During their visits to the dentist, your child also benefits from special services such as patient education. For example, your Huntington Park family dentist can show your child how to brush their teeth using the proper techniques.

What Are the Benefits of Family Dentistry?

The best family dentist in Los Angeles is capable of providing a wide range of benefits to each member of your household. Since oral health care is a lifelong endeavor, it is important to work with a dentist that provides treatments throughout each life stage. For young children, a family dentist allows them to develop a relationship early in life that has a positive influence on them as they grow. Seeing the same dentist from childhood into adulthood also helps to eliminate any anxiety that one feels about going to the dentist so that your family gets the most from each visit.

A family dentist who provides a variety of services simplifies your care. Instead of being referred to a different office for services such as oral surgery or implants, you can have your treatments performed by the same dentist that you know and trust. This allows you to enjoy continuity in your care that has a positive impact upon your overall oral health.

Regular visits to the family dentist also help you catch minor problems before they turn into bigger issues. For instance, small cavities are easier to repair than larger ones that have allowed an infection to take hold in the root. Alternatively, a family dentist may catch things such as ill-fitting dentures early enough to prevent major discomfort, and they can recommend changes such as getting dental implants to stop the issue from occurring again in the future.

Whether you have just moved to the area or are looking for a new dental office, a family dentist is the ideal person to help you learn how to maintain a healthy smile. Now that you understand what makes a family dentist special, schedule your appointment with Gage Dental Care today.