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Whether you’re located in Bell, Huntington Park, Bell Garden, or Downey, our Gage Dental Care offices are here to help you find the best possible oral health care. We pride ourselves on helping people achieve their dream smile as well as perfect their oral health, and one way we do that is by helping you learn how to choose the best dentist. It’s not always easy to know which dentist to choose in East Los Angeles, and that’s why these tips are designed to help you figure out where you want to start. 

Check With Your Insurance

If you carry dental insurance, you want to be sure you’re choosing a dental office that’s within your network. Just like your health insurance, you want a provider that accepts your insurance because it’s more affordable to visit an in-network doctor. Call your insurance company to find out if our offices accept your dental health care plan. 


Ask for Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is powerful. Everyone wants a dentist with a great reputation and plenty of recommendations, and our East Los Angeles offices offer just that. Our patients are happy with our services because we work hard for you. By asking around to find the best dental office, you know you’re making an appointment with someone who is able to maintain a good relationship with their patients. Earning someone’s trust is difficult, which is what makes finding a great dentist through recommendation so powerful. 

Know The Specialty You Need

Not all dentists provide the same type of care. Some dentists specialize only in pediatric care, which means your dentist won’t see you and your kids. They’ll see your kids, but you’ll need to find a separate dentist. Know what you want in a dentist and begin looking there. If you want a dentist the entire family can visit, our offices are right for you. We have ample experience working with kids, and we love visiting with their parents, too. 

Look for Certifications and Licenses

If you want to visit a new dentist, be sure you ask to see their certifications, licenses, and ask some questions about their schooling. You have the right to ask these things to be sure you’re working with a dentist who has the education and the knowledge to help you with your needs. If you visit an office that is not happy to share this information with you, you want to turn around and walk right out. It’s not common, but sometimes you find shady practices that aren’t quite what they’re supposed to be. You don’t want to work with that kind of location. 

Go With Your Gut

When you find a dentist, visit the offices for a consultation. You get a chance to see the offices, to meet the staff, and to speak with the dental professional you’ll be working with. If you’re not entirely satisfied with what you find when you arrive, you’re not required to use that office as your own. Go with your gut instinct and choose a dentist you feel comfortable with. 

Call our offices for a consultation now. We have locations all over East Los Angeles, which only makes your decision that much easier. We work with many patients of various ages with various needs, which means you’re in good hands. We want to meet with you to help you feel more comfortable. We know the dentist can be a scary place, and we want to help ease your fears and make you comfortable when it’s time to visit for your regular cleaning and your checkups.