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At Gage Dental Care, we believe you should take advantage of the holidays in every possible way. This time of year is magical, it’s sweet, and it’s so much fun, and it only happens once a year. However, we know you’re worried about your teeth this time of year. Beginning with Halloween, your life is filled with candy, sweets, and other sugar-filled treats. It’s delicious, but you know how much it affects the health of your teeth. Since we love the holiday treats you find everywhere this time of year, we want to help our patients learn how to keep your teeth as healthy as ever without sacrificing a little sugar here and there. 

Indulge Wisely

Remember it’s not just your teeth you should worry about this time of year. It’s also your waistline. Too many sugary snacks can have a lasting effect on more than just your mouth. Do yourself the biggest favor during the holidays and try to indulge wisely. Don’t bother with the sweets you can get all year. Eat what’s only available this time of year to keep the guilt minimal, and to prevent you from snacking too heavily on too many good things. 


Eat Snacks After Meals

If you can do one thing to protect your teeth this time of year, it’s indulge right after you eat a meal. Eating a meal helps your mouth produce extra salvia. The extra salvia your mouth produces helps wash away the excess sugar and other stuff you’re putting into your mouth. It prevents as much sugar from sticking to your teeth and getting stuck between your teeth where you can’t reach it as easily. This helps keep your teeth as healthy as possible, and it allows you to snack without as much guilt. 

Brush After Snacking 

You know you need to brush when you wake up and before you go to bed, but taking a toothbrush with you when you’re out isn’t a bad idea this time of year. Your local drugstore probably has small travel toothbrushes you can stick in your car, your bag, or your pocket when you’re out. When you have a sugary snack, brush your teeth quickly to remove as much of the sugar and sweet as you can from your mouth. This prevents the stuff that harms your teeth from having the opportunity to do any damage. It’s easy to brush when you’re out if you have the tools. 

Avoid the Sticky Stuff

If you are going to indulge this season, try not to do it with sticky, gummy candy. It is the worst for your oral health. Try to stick to things that aren’t sticky. Try the apple pie or the hot chocolate. Sticky candy is worse for your teeth because it contains more sugar and because it leaves behind a sticky coating your teeth aren’t prepared to handle. It can damage your teeth and your gums, which is not a problem you want to deal with during the happiest time of the year. 

Your teeth suffer during the holidays if you are not careful. Do yourself a major favor and spend some time focusing on your oral health when you want something sweet. Remember your overall health is related to your oral health. Call Gage Dental Care to schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals. We look forward to helping you enjoy your holidays without making too many health sacrifices.