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Wine tastes great and when taken moderately, it has metabolic benefits. But is it safe for your teeth or will it increase your visits to a Bell Gardens dentist? Red or white wine will result to unimpressive stains on your teeth, just like those left by coffee and other beverages. Not only that, but it can also have a number of other negative impacts on your teeth that might necessitate visits to a Bell CA dentist. Here is how wine affects your teeth:

Wine and Your Teeth

It does not matter whether you take red or white wine – all have effects in equal measure. Some of the properties of wine that affect your teeth include:

Red wine has added colors, or as they are christened, chromogens. These substances produce pigments that adhere to the enamel of your teeth and stain them. Red wine also has tannins, which facilitate the binding of chromogens on the enamel. When you have stains, you will need teeth whitening or dental crowns from a Huntington Park dentist. 


You can ensure that your teeth are not stained by limiting the contact between wine and your teeth. Here you can use a straw. If the straw does not get in the way of your enjoying a glass of red wine, go on and use it. Again, you should not let the wine sit on your mouth for long. After taking wine, wait for about thirty minutes and then clean your teeth. This trick, however, may not work for those who drink all night as the stains may already be formed by the time they get home and the option left is teeth whitening from Bell CA dentist. 

While red wine stains your teeth, white wine eats away the enamel. While it may not have colors and pigments, white wine has a high acid content. When taken for a long time, the acid in wine will erode away the enamel to expose the yellow sensitive part of teeth. With time, you will have a yellow appearance on your teeth, which is equivalent to stain or even worse.

So, how do you prevent this and limit your visits to a Bell Gardens dentist?
Clean your teeth after drinking white wine. However, seeing that the acidity of the wine is still in your mouth immediately after a drink, brushing instantly will only accelerate the erosion. Wait for about 30 minutes before brushing and you will be good and say bye to frequent Huntington Park dentist visits. 

Teeth Wear and Tear
Age requires that you see a Bell CA dentist often. Your teeth will develop cracks that only a dentist will see. These small cracks will allow tannins and chromogens to seep through. While a Huntington Park dentist will see the cracks, you will think you are okay. Wine that penetrates through this cracks cause hard-to-clean stains that will need a Bell Gardens dentist to remove. 

When you visit a Bell CA dentist, he or she will use a bleach such as carbamide peroxide to remove the stains. If you have a dental bleach at home, a Bell Gardens dentist will recommend you use it at home.