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There is a misconception that people should not get dental x-rays for more than a few times on the same spot. However, you can take an x-ray and a full mouth scan, FMX, every year or as your Huntington Park dentist advises. While it is recommended that you take x-rays every year, you can take additional x-rays if you experience pain or dental conditions in between x-rays. There are radiation risks involved with dental x-rays, but in most cases, the risks are mild. You can reach out to a Bell CA dentist to assess whether you should get x-ray. 

Nowadays, dental x-ray machines generate extremely low radiation, making them safer for patients. Matter of fact, dental assistants stay in the x-ray room with the patients and this does not affect them. The radiation you are exposed to, therefore, is low and harmless. Taking a banana exposes you to 0.1 µSv while a single tooth scan exposes you to 0.2 µSv. Full mouth scan will expose you to 3.9 µSv of radiation while you get exposed to about 400 µSv each year from food. A Huntington Park dentist will tell you that the radiation is insignificant. 

Even though radiation from x-ray machines has reduced significantly, there are a number of factors that should determine how often you have x-ray. You should work with a Bell Gardens dentist to ensure you meet the needed factors. Factors include: 

Fillings and Restorations in your Mouth

If you mouth has already had a number of restorations and fillings, you might need to have more x-rays than a person with their natural teeth. This helps keep the state of your teeth in check to ensure they are well aligned and functioning okay. You also need to ensure that the surrounding teeth are not susceptible to decay. A Bell CA dentist will advise you on how to take care of your teeth and when to have x-rays. 

Age and Health

Certain ages are prone to certain complications and as such, they need to have x-rays taken often. Teenagers around the age of 17, a period when the wisdom teeth develop, need more x-rays to check whether there are complications arising from the development of the wisdom teeth. Children are more prone to dental cavities and they need more frequent x-rays.

On that note, some people will often get cavities and other dental conditions and, therefore, need x-rays taken often. If you, however, do not get cavities and you experience long periods of good dental health, you can stay for longer in between x-rays. You can talk to a Bell Gardens dentist to assess your health. 

Previous Dental Conditions

Have you gone through dental surgery or other serious dental restorations? If you have, you need to have frequent x-rays to determine the overall state of your teeth. An x-ray scan will show different dental conditions such as bone degeneration, cavities, and any other irregularities. 

If you have been through surgery or other teeth restoration processes, you might still be taking medication. Certain medicine may exacerbate teeth conditions necessitating frequent x-rays. A Huntington Park Dentist will assess your teeth to tell how often you should have x-rays. 


Your residence will influence the condition of your teeth. Some areas have high amounts of fluoride in water. Fluoride strengthens teeth, thereby, promoting your dental health. If you grew up in a neighborhood with less fluoride, your teeth might be relatively weak and you will need x-ray often. In your visits to a Bell CA dentist, you should get the strength of your teeth examined. 

Cancer Treatment

After having cancer treatment, the condition of your teeth might be affected. A Huntington Park dentist will advise you to get tested to ensure that the teeth are in tip top shape. 

The benefit of visiting a Bell Gardens dentist for x-ray is to maintain your oral health and detect dental issues before they get serious.