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You are probably aware that having poor oral hygiene leads to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease, but did you know that many Los Angeles dentists link poor oral health to other health issues. In fact, having bad teeth has been linked to some pretty serious conditions that area little more major than a simple toothache. The good news is that if you visit your dentist in Bell, CA, on a regular basis, you can maintain good teeth as well as your overall health.


Some of the major concerns that are associated with bad teeth are:


When you have diabetes or issues controlling your blood sugar, you often suffer from periodontal disease as well. In fact, according to Los Angeles dentists, about 95 percent of all of the individuals with this medical issue have some form of tooth decay or gum disease that can be linked to diabetes. In addition, having inflamed gums can make it difficult to control your blood sugar, which means that bad teeth could cause you more health issues.

Heart Disease and Stroke

The bacteria that are in your mouth needs to be brushed away when you clean your teeth each day, but when you have inflamed gums or damaged teeth, these bacteria can easily move into your bloodstream between brushings. Now, this may not seem like it could cause issues, but the bacteria contain a protein that is designed to clot blood, so getting the bacteria in your bloodstream can thicken the blood and cause it to clot in your arteries and blood vessels, which can limit the blood traveling to your heart and result in a heart attack or a stroke.


Los Angeles dentists have found that when you have issues with your teeth and gums, you also increase your risk for memory loss. This is because the inflammation and the infections that may be in your mouth can easily travel through your bloodstream or through other pathways that lead to your brain. If the inflammation spreads to your brain, it can cause the brain cells to slowly die, which will result in memory loss, and it can even lead to more serious concerns like Alzheimer's.


Bad oral hygiene has also been linked to an increased risk for cancer. Research has shown that there is a higher percentage of individuals who suffer from gum disease were diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas or kidney. In some cases, blood cancer also becomes an increased risk because of a number of bacteria and infection that can travel through the bloodstream when you have bad teeth.

Breathing Issues

Another health complication that you could experience when you have bad teeth is breathing problems. Simply put, if you have had inflammation or infection in your mouth, you have been breathing it into your lungs. In fact, your airways and your entire respiratory system could become inflamed, which would make it more difficult to breathe, and in extreme cases, the infection could lead to pneumonia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This can cause even more breathing distress in individuals who are already suffering from breathing concerns.

Issues with Fertility

It has not been proven, but studies have shown that there seems to be a link that directly ties bad teeth to fertility. In women, an individual who is trying to conceive with gum disease will typically take two months longer than the average five months that most women experience. In fact, one study has even indicated that having bad teeth could increase the stress on your body when you are pregnant and lead to miscarriage.

It can even cause an issue for men; if bacteria travel through your bloodstream, it can inflame your blood vessels and restrict the blood flow. This won't make you infertile, but it can cause erectile dysfunction because your blood cannot freely travel to your genitals.

How Can You Avoid Bad Teeth?

Taking care of your teeth is important, and the first step that you should take is to visit your dentist in Bell, CA frequently. At Gage Dental Care, we understand that you need more than office visits to care for your teeth because they need to be cleaned at least twice a day. This means learning how to brush properly, using a good toothbrush, and flossing and using mouthwash every day. If you take care of your teeth and gums, you will greatly reduce your risk of most of the health issues that we've discussed.