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Sedation dentistry is a revolutionary way to allow patients to receive necessary dental treatment in a relaxing and anxiety free environment. Many individuals experience crippling fear at the thought of visiting their dentist. Your Bell Dentist understands this common feeling, and we want to help.

At Gage Dental Care, we strive to provide the best experience for each and every patient. Sedation dentistry offers a way for you to receive necessary dental care in a relaxing, anxiety free environment. We will keep you comfortable and safe, so you'll have something to smile about.

While pricing for sedation dentistry will vary depending on your needs and case, it generally costs around $600 per hour of sedation. The price will also be dependent upon the length of the dental procedure and the route of sedation. In office sedation has proven well worth the added cost for patient's experiencing dental phobia, making this a great solution for many individuals.

Sedation dentistry is also referred to as general anesthesia or sleep dentistry. Anesthesia is a proven method to utilize as a useful and cost-effective way to assist people that are fearful, suffer from anxiety, those with gagging issues, or other behavioral or medical conditions that may not have sought treatment before. This treatment can help ensure your smile takes center stage while your anxiety melts away.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Your Bell Dentist will select the best method of sedation for you based on your needs. The levels of sedation can range from mild to moderate, or even a deep sedation for more serious procedures. The level of sedation is altered through the use of different medications and routes of delivery. Our highly trained team will ensure you are completely safe and comfortable at all times by discussing your health and medical history, in addition to any medications or supplements you may already be taking.


Anxiolysis refers to mild sedation and is often utilized to reduce anxiety. It can be administered by inhalation, which is often recognized by the common term of nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This level of sedation provides an overall feeling of well-being for the patient and reduces feelings of fear and anxiety. This treatment usually costs around $50 to $60 in addition to your dental procedure.

Moderate Sedation

Moderate sedation is characterized by a lowered level of consciousness. You will still be able to breathe properly on your own, you will still be able to respond to verbal or physical stimulation or requests, and your reflexes will still be working in proper order. This method is usually administered orally with medication. Moderate sedation allows a diminished awareness of pain, auditory events, and will require the help of a responsible adult to drive you home after the procedure. This level of sedation typically is priced at around $175 depending on your case specifics.

Deep sedation

Deep sedation involves a depression of the consciousness, during which the patient may not be able to breathe on their own. You will not have control over your reflexes and will be unable to respond to commands. This level of sedation is usually used during more serious procedures and can be priced starting at $180, depending on your needs.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is most often utilized in surgical procedures. This option is usually reserved for those with more serious cases or individuals who are not candidates for sedation dentistry. General anesthesia will require a safe driver to take you home and care for you after your procedure.

Choosing a Sedation Dentist

At Gage Dental Care, we are highly trained in sedation dentistry. We put you and your comfort and safety first, always. Please call us to discuss your sedation dentistry options today.