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At Gage Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing comfortable, thorough, and non-judgmental care to our patients. This is why we encourage patients to write testimonials about their experiences. We recently received a testimonial from Mrs. Walsh, a patient who had had uncomfortable experiences with dentists previously. Ever since she had a traumatic root canal by a dentist who had little concern for her personal comfort and lectured her about dental practices while performing the procedure, she's had trouble trusting a dentist again, and rightfully so!

As a result, Mrs. Walsh avoided going to dentists for years afterwards. She knew that she would eventually have a dental complication as a result of never getting check-ups, but she was hoping the day would never come. Unfortunately, she began to experience a deeply painful toothache that worsened by the minute, until she was unable to sleep. She took to Yelp, a common review site, to read up on different dental providers in the Bell, CA, and Los Angeles, CA, area. After extensive research, she decided to give us a call.

While most Gage Dental Care patients schedule appointments in advance, Mrs. Walsh was obviously an emergency case, and so we admitted her with little notice. She noted that our back office nurse was a "godsend" and helped walk her through the process calmly. Anyone who has been in deep pain knows that even mildly stressful situations can greatly increase pain. Mrs. Walsh also praised one of our dentists for being very kind and calm and never criticizing her for putting off her dental visit for so long. She also mentioned that, while the process was costly, our financial department walked her through paying and found a monthly payment plan that would work for Mrs. Walsh.

Mrs. Walsh also mentioned that we were willing to ask another patient who had a longstanding appointment to reschedule so we could take care of her. While we would never force a patient out of their appointment, this patient agreed to delay their appointment, and we tended to Mrs. Walsh's dental emergency immediately. She commented that she surprisingly felt no pain at all during a root canal, which is notorious for causing pain. She said that she was constantly offered more topical numbing agents and other comfort tools, and she emerged from the experience without discomfort.

We were touched by Mrs. Walsh's comment that she would have come every six months to the dentist if only she had found our office earlier! In the dental field, it's a compliment of the highest level to know that our friendly and helpful staff encourage healthy habits! Mrs. Walsh works in the medical field, and so she definitely knows good medical service when she sees it!

While Mrs. Walsh still has more dental work to get done, she's on a schedule with our office, and she feels much more confident about her future. Mrs. Walsh spent a large amount of time and effort encouraging dental patients to not avoid getting work done and instead schedule with our office to get any issues taken care of right away!

We would like to thank Mrs. Walsh from the bottom of our hearts for writing us such a glowing endorsement. We love to hear from patients who were willing to give dentistry a second chance after a bad experience at another dentist who find peace of mind and excellence in care here at Gage Dental Care!