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Chances are that if you landed on this page, you're looking for a dentist in Bell, CA. Regardless of whether you need an implant dentist in Bell, CA or a cosmetic dentist in Bell, CA, or even just a checkup, Gage Dental Care is here to help. However, this post is a special one. Rather than just detail the premium services we provide, we thought we would give you some information on just how unique of an area Bell, CA is.

Bell is a city that is obviously smaller than Los Angeles, but it's technically located within Los Angeles County. One fact about Bell, CA that many people don't know is that the city is only two and a half square miles total! This makes it one of the few cities that can truly be completely walked through within one day! Its extraordinarily small size made it the thirteenth smallest city, according to the US Census Bureau. Demographically, Bell, CA has a much higher population of Hispanic citizens than surrounding localities. It's one of the few concentrated areas in which Spanish settlers settled back in the 1600s.

Of course, yet another reason this small city is unique is that it has a top-notch dentist in Bell, CA - Gage Dental Care! It may be a tiny city, but Gage Dental Care's services cover a huge range of needs; if you need an implant dentist in Bell, CA, or you need a cosmetic dentist in Bell, CA, Gage Dental Care is there for you!

Since Bell is such a small city, we thought we would discuss some unique aspects of surrounding towns and cities in this same blog post. Since it's in the Greater Los Angeles Area, there is no shortage of suburbs and small cities clustered in the area around Bell, CA. This cluster of cities is sometimes called a group of "Gateway Cities" (that is, gateway to Los Angeles).

Directly to the East of Bell, CA, is Bell Gardens, CA. Bell Gardens has a population of about 10,000 higher than Bell. Out of the 88 total cities within Los Angeles County, Bell Gardens is one of only six to allow casinos to operate. This is certainly unique, but it has also been the cause of controversy among residents who aren't fans of the crowds casinos tend to attract. Bell Gardens is also home to the largest remaining house in Los Angeles, called the "Avila Adobe" - this was built in 1818 and still stands to this day.

Regardless of whether you live in the uniquely small city of Bell, its neighbor Bell Gardens, Laguna, Lynwood, or anywhere else close by, you can always have dental peace of mind. As a dentist in Bell, CA, Gage Dental Care can provide a wide array of services to you. Do you need an implant dentist in Bell, CA? No problem! What about a cosmetic dentist in Bell, CA? We can help you with that, too. If you want a premium dental service with recognized dentists in a friendly office, make your appointment with Gage Dental Care today!