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There are differences that separate tooth whitening, tooth cleaning, and bleaching. Each has the same objective but gets to that destination in different ways. In this article, I'll explain these differences and let you know which is the best method for making your teeth perfectly white.

Tooth Whitening Procedure

To fully understand the differences between these procedures you will have to look at them individually. First I will focus on a teeth whitening treatment. The goal of this treatment is to regain your teeth's beautiful white color. We are all born with an amazingly bright white set of teeth. As the years pass, eating, drinking, and smoking cause our teeth to discolor. A discoloration of your teeth can also be an indication that there is some other dental problem that a dentist near Bell Gardens can diagnose.

Many people who have an issue with the color of their teeth look for a solution that will provide them with the same set of pearly whites they were born with. Bleachers are commonly used to help remove stains and pigmentations that are embedded in the smallest pores of your teeth. Some teeth whitening products use a laser to activate the whitening chemicals. By using teeth whitening treatments, you can get shiny, white looking teeth in a short time without even seeing your dentist near Huntington Park.

Bleaching Options

The FDA has permitted the use of the term “bleaching” for any product with the ability to whiten your teeth beyond what their natural color is. This is true for products with active ingredients that include carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Whitening, on the other hand, is used when describing a process that restores teeth to their natural color through removing stains and cleaning debris from the surface of the tooth. Cleaning agents like toothpaste and mouth rinses are included with whitening products. Many bleaching products featuring powerful active ingredients go by the name “whitening” since it has a more pleasant sound.

Your dentist near Compton approves bleaching products that contain active ingredients like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. They are activated releasing oxygen molecules that break down stains in the enamels micro-fractures. Releasing this oxygen can happen very rapidly or occurs over time. There are home whitening treatments that stimulate oxygen release over a few hour period. Laser whitening causes the same release of oxygen in a few minutes. This is done with an intense light source. The biggest side-effect of bleaching your teeth is a temporary sensitivity to cold for your teeth. This is caused by your natural enamel pores and microfractures being open during the treatment. Over time these openings will remineralize. There is special toothpaste that helps to reduce the sensitivity by helping to accelerate the re-mineralization process.

Home bleaching systems are available that use a custom bleaching tray that administers the perfect amount of chemicals on the specific teeth you wish to be whitened. Your Los Angeles teeth whitening dentist won't even be needed. A model of your teeth gets created, and a gel is painted over the target teeth for whitening. You wear the tray at night for a few hours a couple of weeks straight. The benefit of home bleaching is the control you have over the time and concentration of the treatment. This can help to avoid tooth sensitivity. Another benefit is that the mold created by your teeth can be used over and over again with no a minimal cost. Bleach refills are the only thing that you need to purchase.

Laser bleaching uses 32% hydrogen peroxide in a light activated gel achieving rapid whitening results. This light-activated material is spread directly on your teeth. The amount you want and the location are customized to your teeth. An ultraviolet laser lamp is then used activating the whitening material causing a release of oxygen. This treatment lasts about an hour or two, and you leave your Bell dentist teeth whitening specialist with a whiter and more natural smile.

Tooth Cleaning Options

A tooth cleaning does not have the same objective as a teeth whitening. Its objective is not to change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth but to improve your overall dental health. A tooth cleaning involves removing any of the germs that are left in your mouth or on your teeth and is a common procedure performed by a Bell Dentist.

Treatments involving tooth cleaning are also preventive measures to help you avoid periodontal disease and many other dental problems. Tooth cleaning programs focus on better health in your mouth and of your teeth and are approved by your dentist near Huntington Park. This is the first stage in the treatment of many different dental issues.

There are big differences between teeth whitening, bleaching, and teeth cleaning procedures that are important to understanding if you want to get the right treatment and the desired results. Hopefully, this information helped you to decide which treatment you want and need the most. Contact your Los Angeles teeth whitening dentist and ask them what they think of the choice you make.