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If you have a tooth that's missing, then dental implants can be used to fill in gaps in your mouth and restore your smile. Missing teeth can also be filled in with this tooth replacement by a Bell dental implants dentist. Here is a quick guide that explains who would want a dental implant, what you can expect from a dental implant and an explanation of the process from start to finish.

Best Candidate for a Dental Implant

Anyone who has a tooth or two missing in their smile are good candidates for receiving a dental implant. Even if you have several teeth missing, a dental implant can be used to fill in the gaps creating a more pleasant smile. 98% of dental implants are successful, and it is a suitable treatment option for the majority of people when completed by a implants dentist near Bell Gardens.

What To Expect From A Dental Implant Treatment

Some dental implant treatments will only take a short period while others can take up to six months to be completed. The first thing is to make sure that you're a fit for the procedure. Some cases require a bone graft before a dental implant can be fitted.

Once you have a dental implant fitted, it will typically take anywhere from between four and six months before the jaw bone that surrounds bone begins to bond securely with the implant. Once the implant is strong enough, the final restorations can then be fitted by a dentist near Huntington Park.

Explination of the Process

Dental implants are made up of posts made of titanium that secure to the jaw bone. They are crowned with replacement teeth or a bridge that is screwed or cemented to the posts.

The process begins with a screening by a dental implant specialist. During this screening, an X-ray is taken of your mouth to find out if your jaw bone is going to be strong enough to hold the dental implants titanium posts. A soft compound is used to make a model of your mouth. These models help to show the position of the posts and to help with the measurements needed for the replacement bridge and teeth.

This long process involves a lot of meticulous planning. More models of your mouth might be taken by a dentist near Compton as well as a few X-rays that might be required. This whole process starting with the placement of the posts and ending with the final restoration often takes between three months and a year, depending on the situation.

When the final restoration has been completed and placed in your mouth, you have to take care of it just as you would take care of natural teeth. If you compare a dental implant to other dental restorations like dental crowns, dentures, and bridges, they come much closer to the look of natural teeth than the other options available. Since your dental implant is secured firmly to your jaw, it has exceptional strength, and restores the function and bite of your teeth.


Dental implants also help protect from bone loss, will protect your face's structure, and look completely natural. No one can differentiate between your natural teeth and the replacements a Los Angeles dentist creates for you. Regular dental check-ups should be attended to keep your new teeth in as good of condition as possible. Visits will need to be set up with your Bell, CA dental implants specialist, Gage Dental Care, to check out how the dental implant is doing. It's still important to continually brush your teeth and floss twice a day. If you care for your dental implant correctly, it should last for the rest of your life.