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One of the first things that someone notices about you is your smile. A healthy smile can boost your confidence and give you a first impression that those you meet will remember you by. It isn't something that happens overnight but is a result of constant maintenance and attention. Here are ten tips that will help you to improve the health of your smile.

Get to Your Bell Dentist More Often

Going to your dentist near Bell Gardens for a check-up every six months is what is covered by most dental plans, but it is only half as many times as you should be going. An adult should see their dentist near Huntington Park every 90 days. After only three months, the bacteria cleaned out of your mouth has all had time to recolonize and it is a good idea to see your dentist near Compton again. This can get very expensive if you are paying for these extra visits out of your pocket, but nothing can put a value on a healthy smile.

Floss Daily

If you floss every day, you are helping to remove the plaque that is between your teeth and hiding under your gum lines. A toothbrush can't reach these spots, so daily flossing will help prevent gingivitis and tooth decay. When you leave plaque and tartar, it builds up under the gumline's surface. This can lead to periodontal disease which causes the destruction of the bone and the loss of teeth.

Quit Smoking

Smoking causes stains on your teeth. A smoke stain on your teeth can sometimes be polished off, but over time it can soak deeper into the tooth's enamel. Smoking is also responsible for damaging gums that are healthy, causing them to recede. Soon you develop large pockets around your teeth. This will make your teeth appear longer while creating a dark space between them. Smoking makes it difficult when trying to reverse gum disease.

Limit Drinks That Stain Teeth

Drinks including red wine, coffee, and tea are known for causing stains on teeth. These drinks can cause stains that are easily polished off, but after years of use, they can cause permanent stains to the enamel of your tooth.

Try enjoying these beverages through a straw if you want to do the least amount of damage to the surface of your teeth. This can also help to reduce tooth decay. Another idea is to frequently rinse your mouth out with water to keep any of the dark liquids from sitting on your teeth for long periods of time.

Whitening Products

Many whitening products are available depending on what you need. Gel pens, toothpaste, over-the-counter trays, rinses, strips, laser whitening, and custom trays are all available to help make your teeth whiter. All of these choices are overwhelming, and each type of whitening product targets specific problem areas. A good whitening toothpaste and rinse are perfect for those that drink coffee and tea. Gel pens help touch up small areas. Laser whitening offers the most dramatic results in professional strength whitening.

A Quality Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have been proven to help achieve healthier gums and remove more plaque than a regular toothbrush. Newer models feature modes for sensitive teeth and for whitening. The body of the toothbrush is made to last for years, while you change out the heads routinely.

If you can't justify the money spent on an electric toothbrush, purchase a manual brush with soft bristles. Medium and hard bristled toothbrushes are more commonly found, but a Los Angeles dentist usually advise patients not to use them. Using stiffer bristles and brushing aggressively can cause your gums to recede or even wear the enamel away from teeth.

Additional Tips

  • Drink Plenty of Water - Water helps to keep your mouth healthy and hydrated.
  • Improve Your Overall Health - Improving your overall health can help give you a healthy smile.
  • Treat Dental Problems Quickly - Treat any issues that you are having with your teeth quickly before they end up becoming permanently damaged.
  • Brush Twice a Day - Everyone has heard that they need to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Nothing has changed, and the attention that you give them everyday winds up paying off in the long run.

If you follow these tips, you'll be sure to improve the health of your smile a little bit more every day. Keep all of this in mind to keep your bright, white smile.