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Many people avoid scheduling an appointment with their dentist because they fear that the prices they pay are going to be too high. While prices for dental procedures are rarely ever low, the costs are usually worth it. With the root canal treatment, you can keep the affected tooth from becoming more decayed, which could be a danger to your health. By obtaining a root canal or tooth extraction, you'll be able to maintain your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

In order to fully comprehend what a root canal procedure is, you should first know more about the general anatomy of a tooth. The outer layer of your tooth is comprised of white enamel. Just underneath the enamel is a harder layer that's known as dentin. Below the dentin is a very soft layer of tissue that's referred to as the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is comprised of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves, which means that damage to the pulp of the tooth can lead to severe pain. If you don't properly maintain your oral health, it's possible that tooth decay has caused damaged to the pulp of your tooth, which could require a root canal treatment to fix. If the pulp in one or more of your teeth has become damaged, a root canal can get rid of the pulp and relieve your symptoms. During this treatment, the pulp inside of your tooth will be carefully removed with the aid of anesthesia. The root canals will then be cleaned and disinfected before a filling is placed into the empty space.

Possible Risks of a Root Canal Treatment

While a root canal is a highly important treatment that can help you save a tooth, there are some general risks that you should be aware of before scheduling the procedure. Even though this procedure is designed to save a tooth, there are times when the damage to the affected tooth is so extensive that the outer enamel is too weak to effectively withstand the treatment. As such, you may lose the tooth regardless of the root canal being performed. Make sure that you ask your dentist if the tooth can still function once the root canal has been performed. You don't want to obtain this treatment only to find that a tooth extraction is still necessary. There's also a small possibility that an abscess could develop around the root of your tooth in the event that some of the infection remains even after the root canal is performed. While the antibiotics that you're provided with should be more than enough to get rid of the infection, it's important that you keep an eye on the tooth to make sure that additional damage isn't done to the health of your teeth. If you're feeling uneasy about obtaining a root canal treatment, a standard tooth extraction can be used instead. However, the extraction will need to be followed up with the placement of an implant, partial denture, or bridge to fill in the space created by the extraction.

Costs of a Root Canal in East Los Angeles

When you're thinking of receiving a root canal procedure in East Los Angeles, there are some basic root canal costs that you should be aware of. The expenses that you will need to pay for a root canal depend on the location of the affected tooth. If the procedure is to be performed on a front tooth, the costs can be anywhere from $450-$900. If the root canal needs to be performed on a bicuspid tooth, your costs could increase to anywhere from $550-$1,050. The highest costs are associated with root canals on molars, which can range from $850-$1,250. There are several different factors that can determine how much you pay for a root canal. These factors include the severity of your infection, the overall condition of your affected teeth, and what kind of insurance you have. The costs mentioned previously don't take the added filling into account. Once the root canal has been administered, a filling will need to be placed in the empty space, which can cost around $400.

Possible Insurance Coverage for Treatment

If you have dental insurance, you may be able to obtain coverage for your root canal treatment. The majority of dental insurers will be able to provide coverage for around 50-85 percent of the costs associated with a root canal, which can make what you pay significantly lower. When you purchase dental insurance, there's usually a waiting time before coverage kicks in. This wait time can be anywhere from 30-60 days. With these costs in mind, schedule a root canal procedure today by contacting one of our experienced dentists at Gage Dental Care.