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If you need to visit a dentist in Bell, CA, you should first have a better understanding of what the major dental treatments will cost with and without dental insurance. With this information, you can make an informed decision on if you should obtain dental insurance before you visit the dentist.

Costs for Routine Checkups

The costs that you pay for dental services without insurance depend primarily on the provider, which means that costs can vary. For a standard checkup and cleaning, costs can range from $150-$325, which will include such services as a cleaning, an exam, and x-rays.

Costs for Fillings

A filling is a type of dental service that's necessary for individuals who are affected by one or more cavities. The price for a filling depends almost entirely on the substance that's being used for the filling, which can include amalgam, composite, porcelain, and gold. One amalgam filling with a silver color is typically priced at $50-$175. Composite fillings are somewhat more expensive because they have a tooth color to them, which means that you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$300 for a single filling. Porcelain fillings tend to cost around $250-$400. The most expensive fillings are gold ones, which can cost as much as $4,500.

Costs for Crowns

If you need a crown to protect the outer portion of your teeth or have just undergone a root canal treatment, the price that you'll need to pay for a single crown will depend on the material that you select, which can be resin, porcelain, or a high-cast metal. The prices that you should expect to pay for a crown can extend from $400-$3,000.

Costs for Extractions

If your tooth has decayed by a significant amount, it's likely that it will need to be extracted entirely and replaced with an artificial tooth. Standard tooth extractions can differ in price depending on whether the extraction is non-surgical or surgical. If the tooth has erupted from the gums, the extraction can cost around $100-$300. A standard surgical extraction with anesthesia will likely be priced at $300-$600. The same is true for any complicated or soft-tissue surgical extractions. If you need to have a wisdom tooth removed, doing so will cost anywhere from $80-$200.

Costs for Root Canal Procedures

While root canals can be painful, they aren't exactly among the most expensive treatments when visiting a dentist. Without insurance, you can expect to pay around $100-$150 for an exposed root removal. On the other hand, a residual root removal will cost closer to $200.

How Dental Insurance Can Save You Money in East Los Angeles, CA

Since dental services can be costly, it's highly recommended that you obtain dental insurance, which only requires a small monthly payment. Standard dental plans cover all costs related to routine care, 80 percent of the costs that you'll pay for fillings and root canals, and 50 percent of the costs related to crowns, bridges, and similar major treatments. Now that you have a good idea about the costs pertaining to various dental treatments here at Gage Dental Care, you should call our offices today to schedule your initial consultation.