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Although our teeth are the strongest tissue of our bodies, they can still be vulnerable to impact. Chips and breaks can be small and unnoticeable, or they can be painful and present complications. If you discover that you've broken or chipped a tooth, don't panic! In Eat Los Angeles there are options available to fix your tooth.

As soon as you realize your tooth has been broken or chipped, schedule a consultation with Gage Dental Care as soon as possible. Delaying treatment can limit your options or allowing room for the damaged tooth to become infected. If this happens, you may end up having to get the tooth removed.

While waiting to see a dentist, take over the counter pain killers for pain and rinse your mouth with salt water to keep things clean. If your broken tooth becomes sharp from the crack, use a piece of chewing gum to cover it and prevent getting any cuts inside of your mouth from it. Avoiding biting down on the tooth and only eat soft foods for the time being.

If the chip is simply in the enamel, your dentist can usually repair the chip very simply. But in cases of more dramatic damage, it may require several visits to fix. some of your options include dental fillings or bonding, dental crowns or caps, or dental veneers.

Depending on the severity of the break and the placement, how your dentist approaches the problem will vary. Dental bonding is done for chips on the teeth in the front of the mouth and is the color of your other teeth, making it not stand out. It's a simple procedure and can usually be completed in a single visit without any numbing agent. They'll simply etch into the tooth, add an adhesive material, and use ultraviolet light to harden and solidify the material.

Getting a cap or crow may be necessary if the breakage is large of the tooth is already decayed. They will have to grind away part of the tooth, possibly add a pin in the tooth to build-up and match the size of the rest of your teeth, and cover with a cap to protect it and improve the cosmetic appearance. There are different types of materials that can be used that are strong, permanent, and some may even look identical in appearance to your original tooth. This procedure is more extensive and may take a few visits to complete.

A dental veneer is a thin cover with a tooth appearance that is attached to the front of the tooth to make it look whole again. This is used in extensive breaks to improve the cosmetic appearance of a broken tooth. The veneer must be custom made from an impression from your own tooth. When it is ready a dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel, then adhere the veneer to the tooth. It's hardened with a special light that cements it to your tooth permanently.

These are all effective solutions to a broken tooth and depending on the procedure can vary in time and cost. But don't hesitate to get a broken tooth addressed, as an infection can set in as you are waiting. If a tooth is completely missing or must be removed, you can also choose to have implants inserted. Visit Gage Dental Care in East Los Angeles and schedule your consultation today.