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You look around the room and you see sharp, pointed metal instruments. You can hear the sounds of drilling nearby as another patient is being treated. You think, "Ouch!" "That has to be painful." Your dentist asks you to sit in the dental chair. You, just want to get out of there! This classic scene plays in your head every time you need to go for your dental checkups. It creates fear or anxiety and perhaps prevents you from getting professional dental care your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash cannot provide. 


What is Dentophobia or Fear of Going to the Dentist?

The fear of going to the dentist is real. It is called "dentophobia" and is an irrational emotional reaction or anxiety to the thought of going to the dentist or being at the dentist's office. However, getting into the dental chair is not something to be afraid of. All you need is a trusted dentist who performs dental examinations and treatments in a safe and professional manner. 

If you're not yet sold on the idea that there is nothing to fear, these 5 tips may help you overcome your fear or anxiety: 

1. Accept the fear

You’re not "crazy" for fearing dental visits. This fear is common among children, teenagers, and adults and is considered normal. It could be due to a past negative experience or hearing negative things about dentists. Accepting that this fear exists is the first step to getting over it like any other phobia experienced by others. Then keep reminding yourself that there is nothing to fear. 

2. Search for a trusted dentist

Searching online for a good dentist in your area may lead you to one that may have a good reputation. Verify their creditability by reading their "about" page on their website. Dentists can also be verified by calling the state's dental board or using an online verification tool. You can also talk to other patients and read reviews published on or offline. 

3. See the silver metals as tools of the trade

The scaler, sickle probe, dental syringe, saliva suction device, and mouth mirror are simply tools your dentist rely on to provide the best oral care they can give you. Some are designed to examine your teeth and gum. Others are needed to scrape away built-up plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach places such as between the teeth and beneath the gum. A good dentist would use these tools safely and gently. 

4. Build trust with your dentist

A professional dentist is passionate about their work and creates a warm, friendly environment to help patients feel relaxed and safe in their care. An expert dentist will prepare you physically and mentally to receive care or treatment. Anesthesia will be administered when necessary to prevent pain or unnecessary discomfort. All these help to building trust in your dentist and trust can help to allay your fears. 

5. Communicate with your dentist

Communication helps to build a patient-dentist rapport and helps you determine if you two are a good match. Let your dentist know when you feel discomfort or your mouth feels tired from being held open. If you're afraid of needles, ask the dentist to apply a topical anesthetic to the area before you're injected. A good dentist will honor your requests and take care to ensure you experience little or no discomfort during cleanings or dental procedures. 

Get professional treatment from trusted dentists in Bell, CA

If fear has been stopping you from maintaining healthy teeth and gum, here's to hoping these tips will help you conquer those fears. Our certified dentists at Gage Dental Care are professional and treat each patient with care and diligence to ensure they get a positive experience—every time. Call today to set up an appointment. There is no need to fear when you're in the safe hands of our expert, caring, and compassionate dentists.