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Finding the best dental implant specialist or implantologist can make the difference in achieving a radiant smile with natural-looking teeth. Adults looking for a good dental implant specialist in East Los Angeles for tooth replacement have a variety of options. Gage Dental Care in Bell, CA, is known for attracting clients from East Los Angeles and nearby cities because of the qualification and expertise of their cosmetic dentist, periodontist, and implantologist. 


Tooth replacement with dental implants

Dental implants are, in essence, prosthetic or artificial teeth. They are designed to permanently replace adult teeth lost due to damage, decay, periodontitis, abscess, or extraction. The artificial tooth root is surgically implanted by a periodontist or implantologist. The tooth roots look like titanium screws called "posts" and are inserted into the jawbone or gum to hold the dental crown in place. This revolutionary treatment restores smiles and is a superior alternative to dental bridges

Dental implant procedure

The procedure for getting dental implants is safe and effective when done properly by a certified implantologist, such as Dr. Delaram Hanookai of Gage Dental. A tooth can be replaced using the endosteal or subperiosteal procedure. Endosteal implants are suitable for patients with enough jawbone height to accommodate the posts. Subperiosteal implants are inserted into the gum tissue instead of the jawbone and are recommended for those with insufficient jawbone. 


Some patients may undergo a bone augmentation process to increase jawbone density and create enough depth to hold the tooth root. It can take about 6 months for the bone to fuse to the tooth root and be ready for the crown to be affixed and attached using abutments. Altogether, it can take about 12 months to complete the implantation process. Patients who are unable or unwilling to wait out this period can opt for same-day dental implants at Gage Dental. 

Why you should consider dental implants

Dental implants are the closest substitutes to your natural teeth. They also function the same way to crush, tear, and chew foods and help you pronounce words correctly. Unlike bridges, they can provide a lifelong solution for damaged or missing teeth. They are permanently attached and won't shift out of position or fall out and cause embarrassment. A full set of teeth improves the fullness of your cheeks, enhance facial symmetry, gives you a youthful appearance, and restore your smile. Implants also spur jawbone growth reducing the risk of losing more teeth. 

Are dental implants right for me?

There are some specific attributes of clients who make good candidates for dental implants in East Los Angeles. They include persons who: 

  • Have one or more damaged or missing teeth
  • Feel embarrassed, stress, or depressed about their smile
  • Have healthy gum tissue and enough jawbone height
  • Are patient and willing to undergo bone grafting
  • Are in good health and do not smoke
  • Have reasonable expectations of the surgery and results

Getting professional implant treatment in East LA

Smile restoration expert Dr. Hanookai has over 20 years of experience helping clients regain confidence by applying her specialties in gum treatment, bone grafting, and tooth replacement. A full oral assessment will be done to tailor a treatment plan ideal for you. 

Our goal at Gage Dental Care is to provide the highest quality of care in a professional, comfortable, and hygienic environment. Patients can opt to pay using their dental insurance plan or major credit card. Interest-free financial arrangements can be made to accommodate qualified patients. Give us a call today at 323-773-5029 to book a consultation.