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east Los Angeles dental check up

Regular dental checkups are highly recommended because they help keep the teeth and gums, clean and healthy. If you visit a dental office in East Los Angeles for dental check-ups, the specialist will recommend that you come for checkup, cleaning, oral prophylaxis or examination at least twice a year. During dental checkup, the dentist will look at the cavities and may request for x-ray. The x ray is crucial in analyzing the gums, jawbone structure and teeth. Oral cancer screenings can also be ordered to reveal hidden periodontal issues and other abnormalities.

Oral examinations are usually performed to check for plaque and hardened tartar. Signs of oral diseases may be noted if the space between the gums and teeth become deeper or acutely visible. To closely check the gums and teeth, a magnifying glass is often used. Depending on the diagnosis and treatment, the dentist may perform checks on the tongue, neck and the entire face. Dental cleaning is useful in eliminating accumulated debris and plaque from teeth. A special tool called scaling is often used to clean the teeth and remove tartar before polishing is done.

The polishing procedure is highly effective in removing stains from the surface of the teeth. The final step is flossing. During flossing, the dentist will thoroughly clean the spaces between the teeth. If you want to enjoy a hearty smile and good overall health, you need to pay attention to preventive care. As part of the oral care, a Gage Dental Care dentist in East LA will advise you to brush your teeth using fluoride based toothpaste and rinse your mouth. Rinsing using the mouthwash is important in producing fresh breath. Once the checkup is complete, remember to schedule the next appointment.

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