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Brushing Teeth

The electric toothbrush cleans the teeth automatically when switched on. The battery powered, semi-rotating scrubbers in the toothbrush are highly effective in removing plaque and other debris found in the teeth and gums. Some of the key components of electric toothbrush are the removable brush, cam and gears, electric motor, circuit, rechargeable battery and the on and off switch. Electric toothbrushes come with varying built-in cleaning modes. The most common include tongue cleaning, deep cleaning, sensitivity cleaning and whitening mode. On the overall, the electric toothbrushes are classified based on the type of oscillation and speed of movement.

 Sonic toothbrush and ultrasonic toothbrush are the two most popular types of electric toothbrushes. The electronic toothbrush offers a number of benefits to users. Compared to the slower and inefficient hand brushing, the electric toothbrush averages thousands of strokes per minute, thus guaranteeing a more thorough cleanup. Electronic toothbrushes are also effective in removing stubborn stains and can reach hard to clean areas around orthodontic appliances and braces. For people with dexterity issues like limited mobility, arthritis and involuntary tremors, the electric toothbrush is much easier to handle while brushing the teeth.

Lastly, advanced series of electric toothbrushes come with a number of exciting, built-in such as pressure sensors, timer and pressure sensor. The pressure sensor works by notifying the user when there is too much pressure. The timer is usually set to complete the brushing action in 2 minutes. The main downside of electric toothbrush is the bulky size and the fact that it may not be good for people with sensitive tooth. Dentists and dental hygienists highly recommend electric toothbrushes because they are relatively inexpensive, friendly to the gums and come with easy to replace the heads. If you want to know more about the electric toothbrush, visit a dental office in East Los Angles.