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High dental bills are a major deterrent to residents seeking dental care and treatment in East Los Angeles. Dental insurance plans are a timely safety net for residents seeking affordable dental treatment. The other benefits of obtaining dental insurance include coverage for unexpected dental emergency treatment and access to a nationwide network of caring dentists. The three main types of dental plans offered in the US are PPO plans, HMO network and Indemnity plans.


Under the less restrictive Preferred Provider Organization plan, we have preventive, basic and major insurance. The preventive insurance plan covers the entire cost of preventive care, which encompasses cleanings and general care. The basic plan covers 80% of the dental cost and includes items such as simple extractions, fillings and deep cleaning. Major insurance covers about 50% of the total cost of treatment. The treatments include dentures, root canals and bridges.

Under the more restrictive Health Maintenance Organization network, beneficiaries are required to choose a network dentist to obtain payment. An indemnity plan restricts patients to the selected dentists. If you have a dental insurance cover, don’t let your benefits go to waste. You can save money by having procedures like tooth filling conducted at the end of the year as opposed to the beginning of the following year. This way, you get to enjoy the service without paying the deductible fee.

Proper oral health should always be encouraged by all health stakeholders to prevent the health complications and to encourage proper oral health routines. With dental insurance, families living in East Los Angeles can seek specialized dental care and protection when they need it. To take advantage of the dental benefits, make an early appointment with your East Los Angeles dentist at Gage Dental Care to learn more about the treatment options and insurance plans available. You can always schedule an appointment, whether you have or don’t have insurance.