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It can be frustrating to locate a good East Los Angeles family dentistry that offers a variety of dental services under one roof. At Gage Dental Care, we understand the convenience of accessing a range of dental services for all family members from the same team of dentists. 

You can choose just about any dentist in East LA. However, the range of general and specialized services we offer, advanced technology used, expertise of our dentists, and professionalism of our staff are reasons to choose us! 


Our Dental Specialists 

Dr. Michael Abaian and Dr. Delaram Hanookai are trusted general dentists at our East Los Angeles family dentistry. These two dentists in East LA wear different hats. Dr. Abaian specializes in cosmetic dentistry and is passionate about giving you the best looking teeth and smile. 

Dr. Hanookai holds a specialty in smiles restoration. She is an implantologist and award-winning periodontist with vast skills and experience in tooth replacement. Both Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai use the latest dental tools, techniques, and technology to offer patients the best diagnostic and treatment results. Their expertise sets them apart from other East Los Angeles dentists. 

General Dentistry 

General dentistry provided by our East Los Angeles dentists aims at preventative oral care. Routine oral examinations, cleaning, fillings, and treatment for periodontal disease are some services provided. From the first dental check during childhood to adulthood visits, these services help maintain healthy teeth and gum throughout each stage of growth. 

Family Dentistry 

The goal of our East Los Angeles family dentistry is to provide consistent oral care for your entire family. Family appointments offer the convenience of seeing the same team of East Los Angeles dentists who can treat family members, regardless of age. Baby can get her first pediatric dental checkup, you can get a root canal done, and your teen can get braces treatment all on the same day. 

Orthodontics and Braces 

Orthodontia services performed by dentists in East LA focus on treating misaligned teeth and jaw with traditional metal braces or Invisalign™. Children, teen, and adults can have these dental appliances fitted to straighten crooked teeth or correct bite problems, such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Adults find Invisalign™ more appealing since it is worn discretely. 

Cosmetic Dentistry 

If discolored, broken or cracked teeth stops your smile, cosmetic dentistry services at our East Los Angeles family dentistry can bring back your smile. Whether it be teeth-whitening, cosmetic crowns, porcelain veneers, or full-mouth reconstruction, you will look and feel confident again. Reconstruction requires a dentist in East LA that can perform a set of procedures to restore teeth and jaw functions. 

Emergency Dental Care 

Any East Los Angeles family dentistry worth its name is one that offers emergency dental care. Serious tooth pain, abscessed tooth, mouth trauma causing loose, lost, or broken teeth, damaged braces, and bleeding gum are considered emergency cases. These injuries could occur from a fall, accident or during contact sport. You will be seen and treated right away by one of our East Los Angeles dentists to prevent complications. 

Dentists in East LA come with all sorts of specialties. The ones that offer a variety of specialized services in one place are highly sought after for their skills and the convenience of providing treatment for a series of dental problems. Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai are passionate about helping you and your family members maintain good oral health and a bright smile. You can trust them to provide first class services to your satisfaction. 

Make our East Los Angeles dentists at Gage Dental Care your family’s “one-stop” solution for professional dentistry services. Just call our East Los Angeles office at (323) 773-502 to book an appointment today.