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Family Dentist in Huntington Park 

Clients choose us over other Huntington Park family dental services after considering these factors: 

Services Provided: The ability to access general, family, and pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontia, and periodontal services in one place is one of the main attractive benefits of choosing a Huntington Park family dental. Babies, children, adolescents, teens, and adults can all receive oral care from our general dentists. 


They also provide specialized treatments, including root canal, implants, full-mouth reconstruction, and oral surgery. Emergency care for serious tooth pain and mouth trauma or injury are readily accessible. Group appointments can be scheduled to accommodate several family members on the same day. 

Qualifications and Specialty: Finding qualified and skilled dentists in Huntington Park with a passion for enhancing and restoring smiles is not that easy. Dr. Michael Abaian and Dr. Delaram Hanookai are trusted, in-house general dentists at our Huntington Park family dental. Dr. Abaian is board certified and skilled in cosmetic dentistry. Clients who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth or smile come to him for smile makeovers. 

Dr. Hanookai specializes in smiles restoration. She is a board certified and respected implantologist and an award-winning periodontist. Dr. Hanookai has done tooth replacement procedures even for patients who were told they are not good candidates for implants or bridges. Both of these dentists in Huntington Park perform diagnostics and treatment using advanced dental technology, tools, and techniques. 

Friendly and Professional Staff: The office staff at our Huntington Park family dental is professional and courteous when taking your calls, providing information, and answering questions. Scheduling or changing appointments is handled with respect for your time and with regard for emergency cases. Personal and financial information are kept with strict confidentiality. Staff members are committed to providing a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment to enhance your experience during each visit. 

Convenient Location: The location of your dentist in Huntington Park could be a deal breaker. One that is conveniently located close to home or work is ideal. The hours of service is also an important criteria. Having a Huntington Park family dental with office hours that are convenient for working families and children attending school can make a huge difference. 

Ease of Payment: The various types of insurance accepted and methods of payment, e.g., debit or credit cards, personal checks, payment plans, and other payment options make paying for services hassle-free. Major credit cards are accepted, and certain patients may qualify for interest-free financing. 

Now that you know why Gage Dental Care is a preferred Huntington Park family dental practice, don’t hesitate to make an appointment for routine oral care or specialized dental treatment. Each client is treated with respect and provided individualized care with professionalism and compassion. 

Call (323) 773-5029 to book a consultation or request one via the online form. Our dentists in Huntington Park make it a priority to help you maintain strong, healthy teeth and a bright smile.