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East Los Angeles Dentist

Proper oral health is so very important. While much of this can be done in the home through a daily and proper regime of brushing and flossing, a professional and experienced dentist should also be retained. It is important to have twice annual check-ups, and to have someone familiar to you ready to fill cavities, clean your teeth, and perform a host of other dental related procedures as necessary. This is why you need a dentist in East LA who you can trust. Gage Dental Care aims to be such a place for you and your family. Continue reading to learn about some of the many types of services we are pleased to offer you as your East Los Angeles dentist. 


Family Dentistry 

You dentist in LA is able to handle the oral health needs of everyone in the family, from the youngest to the most mature among you. This begins with a knowledge of pediatric dentistry, as children’s teeth develop differently than adults. We are most gentle with our little patients, and we pride ourselves on making your children feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible in the dentist’s chair. With East Los Angeles family dentistry, you will be able to save time by consolidating appointments and ensuring that each member of the family gets that care that they need. We have a complete office of professional dentists ready to serve you, and we would welcome the opportunity to become your East Los Angeles dentist. 

Cosmetic Dentistry 

There are times when your smile just seems to begin to fade. It might be because of years of neglect, a dental accident long ago, or simply due to aging. Your dentist in East LA is also pleased to offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you gain the confidence that comes with a brilliant smile. East Los Angeles family dentistry is able to perform teeth whitening procedures, dental implants, bridges, crowns, and much more. When you feel that your teeth are in need of a little extra care, you just want to consult with our East Los Angeles dentist and learn about the options that may be available to you. Keep in mind that every person is unique and that not all procedures are appropriate for each patient. Your dentist in East LA will be able to determine the best course of action, which is why are so highly regarded throughout the region for our cosmetic dentistry options. 

Emergency Dental Care 

As a well established dentist in East LA, our office is also able to offer patients emergency dental care when they need it most. If you have lost a tooth, time is of the essence. Our East Los Angeles dentist facility will fit you in as quickly as possible in order to do what we can to save your beautiful smile. There are also times when you or your children are in pain. This cannot wait for an appointment, so our East Los Angeles family dentistry office will take care of you when you are in need. 

Orthodontics and Braces 

Your natural teeth are meant to come in straight and stay that way, but we all know that life also throws wrenches at us unexpectedly. Your dentist in East LA also offers orthodontic care. We use the latest procedures when putting braces on our patients, meaning that any pain is minimized and the time required to straighten your teeth shortened noticeably. Contact our East Los Angeles family dentistry office today to learn more. 

General Dentistry 

In addition to everything we just mentioned, your East Lost Angeles dentist is able to offer just about any type of general dentistry procedure you could imagine. If it happens in your mouth, it is quite likely that we can work on it. This is why we have earned quite the reputation as a dentist in East LA. Contact our East Lost Angeles office for a dental consultation. East Lost Angeles family dentistry is about taking care of the whole patient, and we look forward to establishing a long and fruitful relationship with your entire family. Call, email, or stop by our office today. We look forward to meeting you.