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east los angeles root canal dentist

When you visit the dentist every six months or so, you typically are going to a general dentist. After visiting a general dentist, he or she may recommend a root canal specialist East Los Angeles for particular issues with your teeth. For example, if your teeth need to be aligned or straightened, an orthodontist will be recommended. If you need an expert on gums and bones, a periodontist will be recommended. If you are having issues with the roots of a tooth, an East Los Angeles root canal endodontist is needed.

 What is an Endodontist? 

A dentist who performs East Los Angeles root canal treatment and helps maintain teeth by performing endodontic therapy is called an endodontist. Root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA involves the pulp of the tooth which is the inner soft tissue of teeth. The term endodontic is a Greek term just like most medical terms. The “endo” of the word means inside while the “odont” of the word means tooth. All dentists are required to have the knowledge and be trained to diagnosis and perform an endodontic treatment. When there is a situation that is particularly hard to diagnose or treat, the general dentist will refer you to a root canal specialist East Los Angeles endodontist. 

In order to perform Los Angeles root canal treatment, an endodontist has to complete dental school, and he or she also is required to complete at least two more years of higher education. This higher education focuses on this type of dental issues. These extra years of schooling allow endodontists to get a deeper understanding of the current techniques and procedures associated with root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA. It enables the endodontist to assist with the most challenging cases including East Los Angeles root canals.

With these severe cases, the root canal specialist East Los Angeles will do everything in his or her power to save the tooth. The last step would be to remove the tooth. Instead, the endodontist will remove the infection and decay from the inside of the tooth. This root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA helps protect the tooth from getting damaged more. Lost Angeles root canal treatment is only one step an endodontist can take to save your tooth. He or she can also perform surgery or an apicoectomy if it is needed. 

When Should You See an Endodontist?

When you are feeling extreme pain in the roots or pulp of your teeth, a general dentist will typically suggest an endodontist. Your mouth has a vast webbing of nerves which may make it difficult to pinpoint this pain. An endodontist has the education to diagnose and treat this pain. If you have a history of damage to your teeth, an endodontist will also be recommended. A person who has pulp damage due to a blow to the mouth or other traumatic injuries to the mouth should also see an endodontist.

An endodontist has two years extra training and performs over 20 Los Angeles root canal treatment each week. This experience is double maybe even triple the experience of a general practice dentist. 

How to Find an Endodontist in East Los Angeles?

If your general dentist recommends an endodontist or you are experiencing acute pain, you can call Gage Dental Care at (323)-773-5029 for an appointment or consultation today.