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Gage Dental Care is a root canal specialist in East Los Angeles. When a dentist tells you that you need a root canal, it can be overwhelming. However, when you receive East Los Angeles Los Angeles root canal treatment, it alleviates pain and does not cause more. Root canal treatment East Los Angeles, CA is required when tooth decay, a chipped or cracked tooth, or gum disease happen.

It is time for an East Los Angeles root canal when you are experiencing extreme pain in the tooth that spreads to the surrounding area. When you encounter this pain, the pulp chamber located inside a tooth may be inflamed or infected. This chamber contains tissue, nerves, and blood and when it becomes infected; you need a root canal specialist East Los Angeles. Root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA may be able to save the tooth.


With current technology, the root canal procedure is much less uncomfortable than in the past. Los Angeles root canal treatment also has specific techniques to decrease and eliminate discomfort associated with an East Los Angeles root canal. A root canal specialist East Los Angeles will follow the following steps in a typical root canal procedure.

East Los Angeles Root Canal

  1. Step one of Los Angeles root canal treatment requires the use of local anesthesia. A root canal specialist East Los Angeles will administer the anesthesia to the area of the tooth that is damaged. When the area is completely numb, the endodontist or dentist will begin root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA.
  2. Step two of an East Los Angeles root canal is applying a thin sheet of vinyl or rubber called a dental dam. This dam enables the specialist to block teeth around the damaged tooth. This dam also helps to prevent infection from bacteria located in your mouth.
  3. During the third step, a little hole is drilled into the tooth. This hole will give the expert access to the dead pulp chamber. This hole can be on the surface of the tooth or in the back of the tooth.
  4. Step four is where the root canal specialist East Los Angeles will use special tools which will get rid of any tissue and nerves that are dead pulp. After this point, no pain should be able to be felt in the damaged tooth. 
  5. During step five an East Los Angeles root canal, the specialist does one of the most critical steps in the process. This step involves disinfecting the damage tooth area inside the canal which helps prevent infection from reoccurring.
  6. The specialist will use flexible tools specially designed for root canals in step six. These tools create a space to place a filling and sealer. After this space is established, the area will be cleaned again to remove any lingering debris. 
  7. In step seven, gutta-percha is inserted into the canals of the root, and then cement sealer is used to set it in place. Gutta-percha is a thermoplastic material which has the texture of rubber. This sealer prevents the tooth from getting infected again.
    The final step is affected by the structure of the tooth. Sometimes a post may be needed to hold the filling in place temporarily. If you need a short-term filing, a second visit will be required, or you will run the risk of another infection. 

After these steps are completed, the root canal specialist East Los Angeles will prescribe antibiotics to reduce any lingering infection. For a few day after this process, you may feel slight pain and discomfort.

A root canal specialist East Los Angeles is Gage Dental Care. If you would like to learn more about the root canal steps or are experiencing acute discomfort or pain, call (323)-773-5029 to schedule an appointment today.