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Older adults are keeping their natural teeth longer than ever and the average number of teeth people retain as they age is on the rise, but the longer you keep your teeth, the more likely you are to experience problems. While some oral health problems are common at any age, it's a good idea to pay extra attention to oral care after the age of 50. Here's what you should know about taking care of your teeth after 50 and how your Huntington Park dentist can help.

Why Oral Care is More Important After 50

There are several reasons you need extra care with oral health as you age:
Saliva production falls as you age which causes dry mouth. This increases the risk of tooth decay as saliva reduces the amount of decay-causing bacteria in the mouth. Many medications like blood pressure prescriptions can also decrease saliva producation.
Teeth become brittle with age which makes them more likely to chip or crack. A chipped tooth can allow decay-causing bacteria into the mouth and quickly lead to a cavity.

Gum disease is a painful and serious condition. The good news is that you can properly treat this issue and even take steps to prevent it. Here are some great ways to combat gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontitis.

Wisdom teeth can be a difficult and painful rite of passage as you grow older. They are the third and final set of molars that will come in to your mouth. Sometimes they grow in perfectly aligned with your other teeth. In other cases, you will need treatment to remove them.

When they start to come in, they can cause pain and be a nuisance. These molars can cause crowding of your other teeth along with jaw and nerve pain. Sometimes the wisdom teeth are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth try to erupt from the jaw and gum tissue, but they are unable to do so due to a lack of sufficient room. Unfortunately, this means they are trapped painfully in your jawbone.

Sedation dentistry is a revolutionary way to allow patients to receive necessary dental treatment in a relaxing and anxiety free environment. Many individuals experience crippling fear at the thought of visiting their dentist. Your Bell Dentist understands this common feeling, and we want to help.

At Gage Dental Care, we strive to provide the best experience for each and every patient. Sedation dentistry offers a way for you to receive necessary dental care in a relaxing, anxiety free environment. We will keep you comfortable and safe, so you'll have something to smile about.

While pricing for sedation dentistry will vary depending on your needs and case, it generally costs around $600 per hour of sedation. The price will also be dependent upon the length of the dental procedure and the route of sedation. In office sedation has proven well worth the added cost for patient's experiencing dental phobia, making this a great solution for many individuals.

Gage Dental Care in Bell, Ca is proud to offer the All-On-4 dental procedure. This state of the art option provides a way to give you back your smile. All-On-4 is used to replace dentures or missing teeth. With the use of four titanium implants as a strong foundation, prosthetic teeth are anchored to your upper and lower jaw as needed. You will be left with a gorgeous, charismatic smile afterward.

What is All-On-4?

Previously, individuals with dental issues including the loss of one or more teeth haven't had many solutions to fix their smiles. Dentures, bridges, or holes where your pearly whites once were, was the standard course of treatment. With new technology, a new and better choice is available.

The All-On-4 dental procedure is a revolutionary way to assist the more than 35 million Americans that are missing upper and lower teeth. Rather than wear uncomfortable dentures or put up with the hassle of wearing a bridge, this option is a way to get your smile back and start enjoying your life to the fullest again.

How Does All-On-4 Work?

After the dentist has consulted with you, four small titanium screws are implanted inside your jawbone. You will need minor surgery to insert the titanium implants. Our highly trained dental team will ensure that you are completely comfortable throughout the procedure.