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There are many children who suck their thumbs or other objects, such as a pacifier, because it is a natural, soothing reflex. In fact, many babies begin to suck their thumbs while they are still in utero. It can help them calm down and fall asleep, but how does it affect their oral development? 

When permanent teeth begin to emerge, thumb sucking can hinder proper growth and alignment of a child's teeth. In addition, it can also cause changes to the roof of his or her mouth. Although pacifiers can be an easier habit to break because they can be taken away, they can still cause developmental problems and damage to your child's teeth. 

Your baby's teeth are an important part of his or her overall health and development. Baby teeth will help your child learn how to chew, speak, and smile. In addition, baby teeth also act as a holder in the jaw for the permanent teeth that are developing under his or her gums. If your baby loses a tooth too early, it can cause the permanent teeth to move into the open space. As a result, it will make it harder for the other permanent teeth to grow in where they are supposed to, which leads to crowded or crooked teeth. This is why it is vital to begin proper oral habits when your child is a baby. 

Although Americans love sweetened beverages, they can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. Harmful bacteria in your mouth stems from sugars that you consume. As the bacteria grows from the sugar, acid also develops that can cause cavities and erosion. 

While many drinks in the United States are marketed as all natural or healthy, they are in fact packed with sugar. This includes fruit juice. For instance, one glass of apple juice has a similar sugar content than a serving of soda. The USDA reported that an individual's sugar intake shouldn't make up more than 10% of his or her daily calorie intake. This means that most Americans can reach their daily sugar intake limit in a single glass of apple juice. 

There are two types of oral cancer, which include cancer in the oral cavity and cancer in the oropharynx. Cancer in the oral cavity can surface on the lips, cheeks, teeth, gums, the roof of the mouth, and the front part of the tongue. Oral cancer in the oropharynx affects the middle of the throat, such as the base of the tongue and the tonsils. 

Early detection is a key factor when it comes to oral cancer survival rates. The American Dental Association reported that an estimated 10,030 individuals are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, and the five year survival rate for these individuals is 60 percent. This is why routine dental exams are vital. If you are in the East Los Angeles area and need a dental exam, contact Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai at Gage Dental Care. 

It can be frustrating to locate a good East Los Angeles family dentistry that offers a variety of dental services under one roof. At Gage Dental Care, we understand the convenience of accessing a range of dental services for all family members from the same team of dentists. 

You can choose just about any dentist in East LA. However, the range of general and specialized services we offer, advanced technology used, expertise of our dentists, and professionalism of our staff are reasons to choose us!