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There are many causes of bad breath. Some reasons are due to minor issues, such as eating food, like onions and garlic, having a dry mouth, post nasal drip/sinus problems, other medical conditions, or taking some medications. Other causes are significant, such as having gum disease or having other symptoms, like a cavity. 

dental check up east los angeles

Are you looking for a dentist to do your dental check-ups in East Los Angeles? Getting a regular dental checkup is very important. Many people may think they can miss a routine checkup or two, but doing that could be risky in some cases. Other than that, it's still just unhealthy to miss routine dental checks. 

full mouth reconstruction East Los Angeles

Are you looking for full mouth reconstruction in East Los Angels, CA? Full mouth reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure performed on people seeking to improve their smiles and avoid the embarrassment caused by damaged teeth. The treatment can also go a long way to restore normal mouth function and health. Full mouth treatment varies depending on the needs of the patient. The treatments include dental implant, dentures, porcelain veneers and bridges. Also on the list is teeth whitening and inlays and outlays. Dental implant is recommended for persons with missing teeth due to one reason or the other.

 root canal therapy

The root canal treatment is fairly simple and straight forward procedure recommended for people with dental pain, inflammation or infection in the root of the tooth. The most common cause of root canal infection is bacterial infection resulting from tooth damage or decay. The other great candidates for root canal treatment are those with infections affecting the internal structures of the teeth, especially the dental pulp. The pulp is a connective, soft tissue found inside the tooth. It plays a critical role in aiding the emergence and maturation of teeth.

east Los Angeles dental check up

Regular dental checkups are highly recommended because they help keep the teeth and gums, clean and healthy. If you visit a dental office in East Los Angeles for dental check-ups, the specialist will recommend that you come for checkup, cleaning, oral prophylaxis or examination at least twice a year. During dental checkup, the dentist will look at the cavities and may request for x-ray. The x ray is crucial in analyzing the gums, jawbone structure and teeth. Oral cancer screenings can also be ordered to reveal hidden periodontal issues and other abnormalities.