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Even if you make regularly bi-annual visits to the dentist, you could have an emergency situation in your mouth. Any emergency dentist Bell, CA has to offer can tell you that tooth pain is some of the worst pain on the planet. Luckily, there are emergency dentists in your area that can treat the cause and the symptoms of your pain to get you back to your normal life. 

Two Most Common Causes of Extreme Tooth Pain

- Abscess - An abscess is an infection in the root of the tooth. The pressure it causes on the surrounding areas as it gets too big is the cause of the pain. First, an emergency dentist will use antibiotics to kill the infection. An emergency dentist in Bell, CA will then treat the problem via a root canal by filling up the infected area. 

tooth decay treatment east los angeles

Tooth Decay East Los Angeles

Tooth decay is something that happens to everyone over time. Any East Los Angeles dentist will tell you that they see it in just about every older patient they have. Of course, it happens to some people faster than others, depending on genetic and lifestyle factors. The following are three causes of tooth decay seen by East Los Angeles dentists that occur naturally in the mouth. 

root canal treatment East Los Angeles

A variety of people fear Los Angeles root canal treatment. The question, however, is should people be terrified. The answer to this question is no. The first step in answering this question requires you to understand a variety of items. First, a root canal is a tunnel within a tooth where there is soft tissue. Root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA is the procedure where infected soft tissue within the root canal is removed and then sealed. This soft tissue is referred to as pulp. 

root canal treatment East Los Angeles

When you have an East Los Angeles root canal, the central nerve which is inside a tooth is removed. This procedure is done to prevent further injury from the bacteria that is infecting the area. An East Los Angeles root canal can save a significantly injured tooth. Root canal treatment Los Angeles, CA is typically needed when infection is caused by a cavity that is deep, trauma to the tooth has happened, or tooth enamel has been cracked. 

east los angeles root canal dentist

When you visit the dentist every six months or so, you typically are going to a general dentist. After visiting a general dentist, he or she may recommend a root canal specialist East Los Angeles for particular issues with your teeth. For example, if your teeth need to be aligned or straightened, an orthodontist will be recommended. If you need an expert on gums and bones, a periodontist will be recommended. If you are having issues with the roots of a tooth, an East Los Angeles root canal endodontist is needed.